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Published by Jake Kirk

The Cheltenham Festival takes place this week, and a customer needs a packaging solution to ensure they can feed the hungry visitors! Fortunately, the Packaging Doctor can help!


Dear Doctor,

We are running a mobile catering unit at the Cheltenham Races this week. Last year, the crowd favourite was our ‘Coconatsu Curry’ and we want to make sure we can meet demand this year.

We have previously used large plastic containers which were quite difficult to store in our fridge, and as we want to make and sell more this year, we need an alternative solution.

 Do you have any ideas?




Hi Alex,

Thank you for writing in! We can certainly help you to store more of your crowd-pleasing curry ready to sell at the Cheltenham festival!

Rather than using your large plastic containers, we propose using vacuum pouches and a vacuum chamber. Vacuum pouches are food safe, and are made from a co-extruded material that is strong and protects perishable items from air and moisture.

The pouches are available in a range of sizes, so we suggest creating portion sized packs of your curry before the festival, sealing them in vacuum pouches using the vacuum chamber. This will save you time when serving on the day and the compact packs will save you storage space, which will allow you to pack more servings so that you can meet demand.

The pouches can also be used in colder temperatures so you can store all of the pouches in the fridge until they are ready to be heated and served, so you can ensure your food stays fresh and tastes as good as your customers are hoping!

We wish you a very successful festival and hope that you will find this solution suitable!

Best wishes,
The Packaging Doctor


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