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Published by Carl Board

How would you package delicate chocolate Easter eggs to ensure they arrive to customers in one piece? This week, our customer needs a solution so that they can fulfil their customer orders…

Dear Doctor,

My company sells premium chocolate and as the Easter holidays are this week, we need to find a solution to our packaging problem!

When we send our hollow Easter eggs in the post to customers, we often hear that many arrive crushed, which is disappointing for our customers. We need some way of packing them so that they arrive in one piece, particularly as our range is premium quality and customers expect a high level of service.

We hope you can help us!

Many thanks,



Hi Sarah,

Don’t worry, we can certainly help and provide a packaging solution to ensure your chocolate eggs arrive in perfect condition!

To protect your premium range of chocolate Easter eggs, we suggest using our Air Shock packs, this inflatable air cushioning product is designed to be shock absorbing and highly protective. The air shock pouches can be inflated on demand, which means you won’t require a large amount of space to store packaging, and are easily inflated using a hand pump,  or if you are sending out a large amount of packages, with an inflation kit.

These packs are designed to protect items even when they are dropped or handled without care, so will ensure your Easter eggs are protected. Our Air Shock pouches are hygienic, with no harsh chemicals and are presentable, clearly displaying the product inside, which your customers will appreciate. They can be purchased with an outer box which you may want to consider so that the Easter eggs are further protected and you could brand the box with custom logo tape or “Handle With Care” labels so that couriers take additional care.

Our Packaging Experts will be able to help you to select the most appropriate size of Air Shock pack for your premium range and we can send samples so you can test the ability of the pouches to protect your products. Please call the team and we hope you will be pleased with this solution!

Best wishes,

The Packaging Doctor


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