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How To Send Fragile Food Items Abroad – The Packaging Doctor

By Carl Board • Monday 23rd September 2013

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Packaging Doctor
Hi Doctor,
I don't own a business but my brother has recently moved to Australia, and I promised I would regularly send jars of Marmite to his new home. He absolutely loves the brown spread and it's something you just can't get over there. However I don't know how I'm going to send it such a long way in the post without it breaking, especially when it's being bashed around on planes and so forth. Do you have any ideas?
Thanks and best, The Marmite Smuggler

Hi Marmite Smuggler,

We are often answering questions about how to best package gifts going abroad, and Marmite - a British icon - is often top of the list! These type of 'care packages' are a great way to show friends or relatives that you're thinking of them, and making sure they don't miss home too much.

Marmite jars are awkward things to package because of their strange shape, heavy glass and plastic lid that is prone to breaking in transit. I would recommend first of all securing the lid in place with a film such as stretch wrap, mini stretch wrap is 100mm wide making it perfect for wrapping smaller items. It clings to itself so will hold the lid in place as well as preventing and moisture damage to the product in transit. For extra protection I would wrap the product in bubble wrap, small bubble wrap is good for items such as this as the smaller bubbles provide the right amount of cushioning and absorb any impact or shock damage. You could also try quilted air cushions, which you can make yourself using the Kite Mini Air machine, these will be easier for wrapping your jars as well as the perforated edges allow you to tear off sheets of bubble one by one.

To finish, pop in a double-walled box so that if it does move around it won't get damaged - double walled cardboard provides excellent protection against scrapes and bumps. Assuming your jar of Marmite is the standard size a 10 x 10 x 10 inch box should be more than sufficient.

I hope your Brother enjoys his gift!

Best Wishes, The Packaging Doctor

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Carl Board

Carl Board

23rd September • 2013