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How to tackle returns as an ecommerce business

By Carl Board • Tuesday 11th January 2022

The wake of Christmas and January sales shopping can bring with it a flurry of returns as expectations may not have been met by the physical product ordered online. The primary reason for returns has been reported as being fit issues which is very difficult to avoid, even with extensive size guides. Though returns can be frustrating for retailers across all industries, it is crucial to tackle this current inevitability of ecommerce with professionalism; 92% of shoppers will repeat purchases if the returns process is made easy for them. Yet this begs the question: how to make a returns process easy?

Whilst no specific step in the process is particularly challenging, it can make a massive difference to the customer if a business can minimise the necessary time and cost commitment wherever possible. Kite’s range of returnable mailing bags do just that by eliminating the need to source one’s own packaging. The average consumer may not be familiar with suitable postal packaging, making the purchase rife with uncertainty with the additional expense of buying a one-off box or mailing bag at a post office. 

Available in either paper or polythene, these returnable mailing bags solve this problem with their dual peel and seal strip. The first adhesive strip has an easy tear feature directly above it and the second peel and seal strip allows the recipient to seal the goods back into the same mailer for a secure return. To compound the convenience of this design, the usage of packaging materials is halved as a result of utilising this eco-friendly method of sending orders back.

While the loss of income is irritating for the original seller, another disadvantage of returns can be the lengthiness of the process and the consequent reduced chance of resale. By switching to returnable postal packaging, the consumer is likely to return the products sooner than if they need to re-pack the items themselves. Therefore, easy returns are preferable for both the customer and the business as the reverse supply chain is smoothed. Less time waiting for goods to return means less time is required to make them available again for resale. This is of particular prominence for fashion or homeware brands that regularly rotate their products in accordance to the season, making the return of ‘last season’ items problematic. 

The paper returnable mailing bag is made from heavy duty kraft FSC certified paper which can be fully recycled after use. The polythene version is comprised of 30% recycled content and can be recycled in areas accepting of standard LDPE. The thin, lightweight construction helps to economise delivery and enable vehicles to carry more parcels, hence reducing the overall carbon footprint of the process. Each design is environmentally conscious, though the paper is undoubtedly the more sustainable option for businesses wanting to go plastic free and increase the likelihood that the packaging is recycled by the customer.

With the, albeit challenging, rise of the serial returner, returns processes must exist and in order to secure future sales, they must be as convenient as possible. Begin with the packaging. High quality returnable mailing bags communicate reliability from the very first receipt of the parcel. Visit the product pages now to discover which variety best suits your business.

Carl Board

Carl Board

11th January • 2022