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How To Weather-Proof Outdoor Research Equipment – The Packaging Doctor

By Carl Board • Tuesday 27th August 2013

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Packaging Doctor

Hello Doctor,

I know this isn't technically a packaging problem but I was wondering if you could help me anyway. I work for a University, based in the research facility where we study a number of different things. Our most recent project will be studying sheep's feeding habits and eating behaviour. To do this we need to put a small camera around the sheep's neck, it needs to be protected, weather resistant but needs to be operated whilst protected (e.g. buttons need to be pressed, certain things adjusted). Could you suggest a light-weight, thin material that is still protective to wrap round the camera?

Thanks and best, Ben

Hi Ben,

Wow, this is perhaps my most unusual problem yet! A cheap solution would be to simply tie a polythene bag over the camera however I sense you need something a lot more specific that is guaranteed to work and perform throughout your research. In this case I would suggest heat shrink wrap, either polythene or polyolefin will work well (polyolefin gives better clarity) as they are fairly lightweight and offer superb protection from moisture. They will need to be applied using a desktop shrink system, this provides a heat source which allows the film to cling to the product so that the camera can be used as normal.

Hope the research goes well, The Packaging Doctor

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Carl Board

Carl Board

27th August • 2013