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Introducing Our Wine Bottle Packaging Range

By Carl Board • Thursday 28th March 2024

We're revamped our bottle packaging range and it now includes a single bottle pinch top box, 2- and 3-bottle wine carriers, 6 and 12-bottle boxes and dividers, and a premium timber wooden box. 

Our unique, in-house design, pinch top bottle boxes, are intended for use with Flexi-hex sleeves, providing the perfect combination for protecting bottles. These are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, aiding responsible disposal. 

Designed for efficiency and conveniency, our 2- and 3-bottle wine bottle carriers make easy work of transporting multiple bottles at once. Featuring an integrated handle, these carriers enable the safe transportation of up to three upright bottles without incurring damages.

Our 6 and 12-bottle dividers and boxes are the ideal solution for storing and transporting large volumes of wine. Their double wall construction with a BC flute, one of the thickest flute profiles available, offers great cushioning and stacking strength, ensuring the efficient storage of well-protected wine bottles. Dividers separate each bottle, preventing clinking during transport and reducing the risk of breakage and damage.  

For more sophisticated presentation, we also stock premium timber boxes. Perfect for gifting and special occasions, these boxes feature a comfortable cotton handle for easy carrying and a sliding lid which ensures secure closures while allowing consumers easy access to their wine. What sets these boxes apart is their reusability which extends their use beyond packaging and enhances the value customers receive by ordering from a certain establishment. 

These bottle packaging products are suitable for wine retailers, supermarkets, caterers, homebrew enthusiasts and anyone who may frequently store or transport substantial quantities of wine. 

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