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Kite Launches New Blog

By Jake Kirk • Friday 02nd November 2012

Kite Launches New Blog And Analyses The Value Of Packaging To Your Business

This week we are all extremely excited about the official launch of our new packaging blog! We will be using it to talk about the latest industry news, issues and to talk about what we are doing at Kite to make your buying experience an enjoyable one!

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the value of packaging to your business. Whether you buy cardboard boxes from us or use our compliance tools, all too often packaging is the last thing to be considered when increasing business and reducing profit margins.

Letter Box

How often do you deal with customer returns because the product was damaged in the post or in storage? Good packaging saves you money!

Consider your product's journey to the customer. Does it have sharp edges that need cushioning, or delicate parts that need holding securely in place? If your goods are being sent through the post, will the packaging fit through a standard letter box or have to be left on the doorstep?

Here at Kite we have come up with four key considerations for analysing the value of packaging:

  • Protect the product and your profit margin: Take advantage of Royal Mail's Pricing in Proportion (PiP) guidelines. Selecting packaging that falls within 'Large Letter' sizing is cheaper to post than something slightly larger (referred to by Royal Mail as a 'Packet'), potentially saving you money on delivery costs. If you use a courier instead, do their costs vary by package size? It may be cheaper to split a large order into 2 smaller consignments, especially if you are sending goods overseas.
  • Let the packaging sell your brand: The packaging is the first thing your customer sees. Why stick with a plain box or mailing bag when you can display your logo and branding where it will be seen straight away? A cheap and simple way of branding is custom printed tape or indeed branded boxes.
  • Packaging needn't cost the Earth: With environmental impact an increasingly important consideration in business, packaging is an area where a lot of progress can be made. Traditional packaging materials, often seen as damaging to the environment, such as polystyrene chips, can now be replaced with a starch-based material that dissolves in water or 'green' loose fill chips made from recycled plastic.
  • It often costs more to use the packaging than it does to buy it: Space and labour are very expensive. To run an efficient packing operation you need the right tools, well-trained staff and flexible working space. Save space, reduce clutter and prevent picking errors by choosing the right kind of packing equipment for your product.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

02nd November • 2012