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Kite Packaging Adds Brown Labels to Inkjet and Laser Printer Label Collection

By Carl Board • Saturday 30th September 2023

We've just added brown A4 labels to our inkjet and laser printer label collection. 

The new, high quality labels employ permanent acrylic adhesive and a simple peel-and-stick design to adhere effortlessly onto a wide range of envelopes and surfaces. When used with inkjet and hot fusion toner systems in black and white, or colour, brown labels provide consistently professional results that are perfect for everyday office use, shipping and dispatch, and more. Further to this, they are also suitable for use on dry, non-fatty foodstuffs according to ISEGA food stuffs certification.

Compatible with most laser printers and copiers, these multipurpose labels are easy to use and ensure a hassle-free user experience. They provide the ideal opportunity for personalising packages with branding to raise a business’ brand visibility. 

Our new brown labels are available with curved and square corners. Made using pulp from sustainably managed resources, these labels provide an eco-friendly labelling option while omission of the bleaching process during manufacture reduces the carbon footprint of this product. 

Brown A4 labels are available from us at market-beating prices with further discounts available when purchasing wholesale quantities. 

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Carl Board

Carl Board

30th September • 2023