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Kite Packaging adds environmentally friendly paper mailing sacks to its range

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 20th June 2018

Kite Packaging have introduced their new, cost-effective paper mailing sack range which offers an environmentally alternative to traditional polythene mailing sacks.

Their 100% recyclable, water resistant composition provides the ideal packing solution for a range of products and accommodates the current emphasis on a sustainable future and features a peel-&-seal strip.Kite is always looking to evolve and adapt and these new mailing alternatives will help other companies boost their environmental practice by replacing their less recyclable mailing measures with sustainable alternatives.

Due to elements such as the plastic epidemic and demand for environmental reform, businesses are being encouraged to minimise waste. By encompassing as many smaller environmental reforms as possible, organisations and businesses can rectify their environmental approach as a whole and these paper mailing sacks can play a part in this.

The sacks have a secure bottom and generous gusset to support a wide range of products and will provide businesses with a sustainable mailing measure for the future. Kite Packaging has become a household name for packaging in the B2B sector, it’s recently been awarded the GHP Pharmaceutical award for the second year running and earned itself a place on the Coventry and Warwickshire growth Barometer.

For more information on Kite Packaging or its new, sustainable paper mailing sack range, visit