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Our Major New Product Launch!

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 31st March 2015

After significant work and investment, Kite will mark the end of the first quarter of 2015 with a brand new product launch, which we believe could revolutionise the packaging industry on a global scale.

Stretchy cardboard has been in development for quite some time at our top secret research laboratories, and is now ready for the market.

No longer will customers need to have specific sized boxes for their goods. Instead one size will fit any size of product. Both our company and yours will be benefit significantly from reduced transport and distribution costs, as we can send out tiny little boxes instead of big ones, and customers can simply stretch them out to the size required.

The eureka moment, during the development of this revolutionary new product, came from a newly discovered, rare earth mineral, which forms a dark sticky liquid. This liquid can then be heated under-pressure, producing long, elasticated fibres, which are then spun and woven into sheets before being corrugated.

The breakthrough came when the once redundant mine of Treecoal in Lancashire was re-opened after the discovery of the rare earth.

Available from tomorrow, Wednesday 1st April. Visit our website or call our friendly team on 02476 420065.

stretchy cardboard

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

31st March • 2015