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We have exceeded our 2019 target and reduced plastic usage by 138 tonnes

By Jake Kirk • Monday 07th October 2019

We have exceeded our 2019 target to cut down on the use of plastics. Having set ourselves and our customers the challenge of achieving a 120-tonne reduction in plastic use by the end of the year, we announced that we hit our target early. Our ‘120tonne challenge’ was achieved within seven months with an impressive 138-tonne reduction.

The focus on plastic reduction saw us increase our environmental product range and launch our Mobile Test facility Unit which has been traveling the UK with our packaging experts on board to advise businesses on the most waste minimising and efficient packaging solutions.

The reduction also led to us no longer sending out any direct mailings in polythene mailing bags, as well as carrying out an ongoing review of its distribution process to minimise plastic wrapping around products.

We have also launched a guide explaining how we achieved the 138-tonne reduction and advising what packaging products businesses can use to reduce their own plastic usage.

The guide breaks down the 138 tonnes to show what can be done by simply reducing, re-using, recycling or replacing current packaging enabling companies to improve their environmental status. For example, over 96 tonnes were saved by high-performance super strength stretch wrap being introduced in operations around the UK, therefore reducing plastic by up to 50%.

Encouraging an attitude of re-using, we showed how environmental and economical shredding machines can be, by turning cardboard waste into effective void-fill material for inside packages, they offer a great alternative to traditional void fill such as bubble wrap whilst minimising waste. 

For more information on how to access environmental pick, pack and despatch operations and reduce your plastic waste, visit

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

07th October • 2019