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Kite Packaging Expand Air Shock Range

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 22nd September 2015


Kite Packaging Expand Air Shock Range
New packs are aimed at the electronics and pharmaceutical industry

Kite Packaging, the UK’s premier packaging supplier, has launched new Air Shock packs on its website to cater to the consumer electronics and pharmaceutical sectors.

The armoured air pouches were first launched by the company in March 2014, and since then have become a hugely popular product amongst customers. The packs are made from LDPE material, but are actually 98% air when in use, making them incredibly environmentally-friendly.

The new range includes four new standard products, available to buy from Kite Packaging’s website, as well as an overhaul of the existing packs to make them more user-friendly.

The small change to the existing packs is a pre-inserted valve, easy to find along the inflation channel of each pack, and designed to increase pack velocity. The valve is the perfect size for the kit used to inflate Air Shock and will make the packing process even easier for customers.

The new packs will also have a pre-inserted valve to aid inflation, including a laptop pack, a small medicine bottle pack, a large medicine bottle pack and square corner packs - ideal for computer monitors, televisions and picture frames.

As with all of Kite’s Air Shock range, each new pack comes with an optional custom-fitting outer box, for extra protection in transit. The laptop pack in particular, with its hinged lid box, has been noted as the perfect solution for electronics restoration companies.

The corner packs are also an innovative new launch, particularly for a standard range of this kind. They can be used in conjunction with a standard or bespoke corrugated cartons, to protect the sensitive parts of large consumer electronics – the corners. This prevents cracks and breakages that can be common when transporting items such as televisions and computer monitors.

The new packs will be at Kite’s usual competitive pricing, and can have multiple uses. For example the small medicine bottle packs are also perfect for perfume and beauty products.

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

22nd September • 2015