Kite Packaging expand range of pallet top sheets and gusseted covers
Published by Jake Kirk

Kite Packaging expand range of pallet top sheets and gusseted covers

The new range is available in smaller quantities

Kite Packaging, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging, have extended their range of pallet tops and heat shrink covers following the success of their existing range. Businesses spend much of their time packaging products to ensure they are protected in the most efficient way possible. Therefore they do not then want to leave them exposed to any potential bad conditions, specifically the elements of dirt/dust in warehouse and storage environments and potential bad weather conditions.

Kite Packaging supply a range of centre fold top sheets and gusseted bags. Kite’s centrefold pallet top covers are designed to protect palletised goods, specifically from the elements in storage environments where dust or dirt can be a problem. Manufactured from high strength virgin material, they are not suitable for heat shrinking. They provide very popular with customers who on occasion have to store pallets of goods outside and want to ensure they are protected from rain, wind or snow.

Kite’s range of gusseted covers are available in light duty 30mu and heavy duty 100mu. The light duty version is to protect against the elements of dirt and dust and mild weather. However, the heavy duty 100mu is specifically designed for covering full pallets and offers a quick and easy method of securing pallet loads providing protection aga
nst moisture, dust and theft. These clear polythene heat shrink covers are stronger than standard pallet wrap and provide a professional looking finish to your pallet of goods.

Kite also supply a range of heat shrink systems suitable for low and high volume users, to see Kite’s full range visits


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