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Meet Our New Air Shock Testers!

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 12th June 2014

For those of you who haven’t heard of our Air Shock system yet, listen up! The new product is an amazing packaging solution for fragile goods including crockery, ornaments, electronics, photo frames and other items that are prone to damage.

Air Shock packs are made from a highly dense material which provides extra strength to inflated packs, making them more robust than air cushions. Once a product is inserted the outer packaging is so protective that is can literally be thrown at walls and will simply bounce, with the product still intact inside.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video on our Air Shock page to view the products and some very scientific drop testing (ahem) taking place in our very own Kite Laboratory.

Of course at Kite we take our on-going product testing incredibly seriously and as the Air Shock is an important product, and one of our newest innovations, we felt it would be appropriate to recruit some full-time testers to ensure that the quality of the product is being managed and controlled.

The recruitment process was gruelling, with the highest number of applicants ever. The job criteria was strict and included specific requirements such as; bounce ability, 2:1 or above in fun, innate curiosity and of course you needed to be small enough for both feet to fit on a 240 X 240mm pouch. Luckily the cream of the crop came forward, and two candidates were selected.

From now on they will be making sure each and every pouch goes through a series of jumping tests to ensure that the packs stay rigid and resist popping or bursting open. They will also be managing air capacity to ensure just the right amount of air is used per air for the perfect bounce. Some of this responsibility has gone to their heads though – so they have requested when viewing the below secret testing video to have the sound on…