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National Poetry Day – Ode To Kite

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 02nd October 2014

In case you didn't know it is National Poetry Day today! Now you should also know that we're not like every other packaging company, and like to be as creative as we possibly can - which believe me can be difficult when dealing with industrial packaging!

Lots of companies have been contributing their own haiku's, sonnets and other rhymes to the celebrations today via Twitter using the hashtag #NationalPoetryDay and some of them are fantastic so we urge you to take a peek!

We couldn't resist joining in the fun, take a look below at our contribution to National Poetry Day - our very own 'Ode To Kite'. Has your business got their creative juices flowing? Share your very own poems with us on Twitter or Facebook. 

Ode To Kite

The green and white pages feel like home,

You never have to feel alone,

When ordering packaging from Kite,

It’s as easy as a first-class flight.

This order is needed pronto, quick!

Perhaps the Packaging Doctor has a trick?

And as I browse the helpful pages,

Thank god I found you – this could’ve taken ages.

Reams of tissue in the perfect shade,

Just what I need – a new heat-sealer blade,

Bubble wrap and corner edge protection,

Amazing quality on close inspection.

And have you seen their unbeatable prices?

You can even buy paper in individual slices,

Oh look! They sell polythene sheets,

Perfect for removals and protecting seats.

Rolls of tape to seal up lids,

Thousands of boxes – they’re not just for kids,

Machines to add efficiency and speed,

Every kind of packaging you could possibly need!



Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

02nd October • 2014