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Nintendo take gaming to the next level with new innovative packaging design

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 19th April 2018

Nintendo Labo. Photograph: Nintendo

With the rise of technology, it’s become clear that the traditional, imaginative gift is dying out. That’s why our Kite team loves to see the quirkier, alternative gift ideas that can be produced from packaging.

This latest eccentric innovation from Nintendo has got everyone talking about the sentimental, creative toys which are now often forgotten and we can’t get enough of their new, dynamic Nintendo Labo kit. Its life-like cardboard design is the ultimate fresh-thinking approach to gaming, offering a more active and sensory experience for kids. A mundane living room can suddenly transform into a ferocious racecourse or an underwater fishing excursion in which children can more vividly imagine and explore.

The Nintendo Labo kit features a range of cardboard Toy-Cons such as a remote control car, a motorcycle, doll’s house, fishing rod and even a piano and the gaming giant is even contemplating releasing the Toy-Con templates as free downloads. So you could have the chance to channel your inner Edward Scissorhands and get to work to see what quirky, cardboard Toy-Con you can create…

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

19th April • 2018