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Our Coventry based divisions donate £8000 to local charities

By Carl Board • Monday 25th April 2022

We have recently donated £8000 to charities local to the Coventry area.

Each of our eleven company divisions votes on charities to support every year and in 2022, this donation value has doubled from £1000 to £2000. This reflects the growth of Kite and the succeeding desire to give back to areas of our community who may be struggling the most. Where there was a tie in votes, the sum was simply divided between the two top charities.

The Midlands Regional Distribution Centre (RDC), Kite Online (KOL), Kite Environmental Solutions (KES) and Central Administration, National Distribution Centre (NDC) and Warehouse make up these four Coventry based divisions. They voted for Zoe’s Place, Coventry Haven Women’s Aid, Coventry Food Bank, East Midlands Children’s Heart Care Association and Myton Hospice.

Given the tumultuous last couple of years, Zoe’s Place has struggled with staff losses and a drop in fundraising morale, making Kite’s contribution all the more important for the continuation of their services.

Myton Hospice echoed that during the pandemic, businesses have been particularly reluctant to support charities due to concerns over their own financial security.

Coventry Food Bank has described an increase in demand for its services with 1 in 5 of the UK population now living below the poverty line. This compounds the concerns already facing many UK charities.

The dangerous effects of lockdown on women suffering from domestic abuse has also amplified the need for Coventry Haven Women’s Aid’s essential support work.

East Midlands Children’s Heart Care Association deliver crucial services to support families who have a child suffering from a heart defect and rely heavily on donations such as these.

Kite expresses gratitude at being able to empower their employees to make meaningful differences to charities close to where they live and work. The divisions are encouraged to supplement these donations with further fundraising events through the year; a Kite Cup football tournament is already arranged for Saturday 14th May to raise money for Zoe’s Place.