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Our eco-friendly ecommerce innovation: returnable mailing bags

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 15th July 2021

The rapid growth of ecommerce has caused an inevitable soar in demand for easy returns. By reusing the original packaging, the environmental impact of a return is reduced by a minimum of half; we have launched sustainable kraft mailing bags to diminish this impact even further.


These packages are manufactured from FSC certified kraft which is sustainably sourced and grants the mailers superior strength to other papers. A heavy-duty material is essential for an item designed for reuse by a customer, though brown kraft is also 100% recyclable to ensure responsible disposal. This is guaranteed to significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint while enhancing their green credentials.


The expandable gusseted sides offer extra capacity to fit a considerable range of different products while arriving flat-packed for convenient storage. To allow for effortless packing and returns, our product features a double peel and seal strip: one for securing an order to be delivered and the second should the goods need to be returned. The perforated easy tear opening provides excellent user satisfaction at the unboxing stage that is continued until the end of the transaction with this intuitive design.


Encourage consumers to shop with confidence, reassured by a user-friendly returns process that promotes repeat sales and all round positive transactions.