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Packaging Regulations – Get a Free Health Check for your company

By Andy Fay • Monday 31st October 2016

With the flu season upon us, the last thing you need is for your company to catch an unexpected cold by failing to comply with the Packaging Regulations.

Here, prevention is definitely better than cure. The big problem is that many companies don’t know what the Packaging Regulations are and that they might be affected. In short, they are a packaging tax affecting companies who have a turnover above £2million and who buy and sell goods surrounded by packaging (which may be anything from aerosols, a cardboard box, through to a pallet).

To help you avoid catching an unexpected cold why not ask Kite Environmental Solutions to give your business a free ‘Packaging Regulations’ health check:

  1. Examination

Our experts can examine your business to see if it is likely you will be affected.

  1. Assessment

Based on the examination if you are affected we arrange to meet up and explain in detail what the Packaging Regulations are and how they specifically affect your company.

  1. Treatment

Kite can assess your packaging tax liabilities and submit them to the regulatory body (The Environment Agency) to ensure you meet your legal obligations. You know your business and Kite knows the Packaging Regulations, together we can keep this aspect of your business in good health.

Andy Fay

Andy Fay

31st October • 2016