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Peak Packaging Monday

By Jake Kirk • Monday 23rd November 2020

Its that time of year again where we find ourselves approaching some of the busiest shopping days of the year, and as per, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to see record sales.

Businesses begin to prepare for these two days in advance, which is key to not getting caught out. At Kite, we recognised the Monday before the two key dates as the busiest day in which businesses purchase their packaging.

This year Peak Packaging Monday will fall on Monday 23rd November. Businesses will be wanting to send their items in high quality, protective packaging, to ensure they arrive with customers in the same condition they left. Due to this day being so busy, the strain is recognised throughout the industry, but with our newly updated website to improve the user experience and ensure clear-cut ordering we can support our customers.

Some key product ranges to look out for this year:

and much more!

Put the below dates in your diary not to get caught out this year:

23rd November – Peak Packaging Monday

27th November – Black Friday

30th November– Cyber Monday

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

23rd November • 2020