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Pillow Boxes: Interweaving sustainability with strength and style

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 22nd June 2021

This simple yet sophisticated pillow box grants jewellery companies, wedding favour distributors or any type of small business an aesthetic packaging option that sets them apart from the competition. The solid board construction is 100% recyclable, yet the durability lends itself to reuse by the customer as storage or a gift box, extending the lifetime of the resources further. Often gift wrapping can be associated with excessive waste, yet the curved structure cuts unnecessary corners to conserve material and minimise your company’s impact on the earth.


The curvature of each face creates immense strength due to the internal forces that protect against damage or dentations that may occur in transit. The unique form is assembled in seconds thanks to the scored tabs etched into the product which arrives flat-packed for storage convenience.


Available in three different sizes, these postal pouches can cater toward a wide range of goods, including delicate items such as perfume bottles that require a high degree of protection. Pillow boxes can wrap individual gifts within a larger hamper or serve as an external mailing box, requiring only a very small portion of tape or adhesive to seal shut. Embrace environmental awareness while maintaining a high standard of presentation with our minimal yet attractive eco gift boxes.