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Protect your taller products securely with our new heavy duty long postal boxes

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 31st July 2019

We have released our new long postal boxes – a heavy duty box that is specially designed for packing longer and heavier products.

These long double walled postal boxes are the ideal type of packaging for protecting longer and more fragile items. They are 100% recyclable and there are ten sizes available, therefore allowing businesses to find the right size box for their operation.

engineering packaging

These boxes can be teamed with our air cushions, bubble wrap or environmentally friendly Speedman paper to block and secure products internally, therefore stopping items from rattling inside the carton.

Designed with rigid, corrugated fluting, the boxes can withstand considerable weight and are great for businesses sending out a variety of items across different industries such as golf clubs, tripods, and curtain poles, and even heavier items such as engineering and manufacturing parts.

The long postal boxes are produced entirely from environmentally-friendly material making them a suitable option for those who are trying to minimise their plastic usage as well as maximise their protection levels with heavy duty packaging. The boxes come flat packed, therefore allowing businesses to utilise all available space in transit and in the warehouse by increasing the number of boxes you can put on a pallet.