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Reasons To Switch To Gummed Paper Tape

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 26th March 2015

You may have noticed we have had a bit of a refresh to the website recently, with some brand new images and of course our Kite Packaging Guide ready to view in digital format.

As well as this we have launched some brand new Gummed Paper Dispensers, which are incredibly competitive on price and can bring some huge benefits to your operation.

Gummed paper tape is one of those products that has been around for a while, but all of sudden gained a huge amount of popularity in a relatively short space of time. The key difference between this type of tape and standard polypropylene, in terms of operational use, is that the gummed version uses a dispenser.

This is because gummed tape is water activated, as it is made of natural starch adhesive and paper. It makes it incredibly environmentally-friendly, totally recyclable and biodegradable.

Our dispensers start from just £34.80 for a compact pull-and-tear dispenser, which is ideal for smaller operations and low volumes. If you are packing more goods however, our manual and electronic machines are ideal. Providing you with pre-determined lengths of tape using sharp cutting blades, these dispensers are incredibly quick and easy to use.

Discover the reasons to switch to Gummed Paper Tape with our Infographic below:

Gummed Paper Tape Infographic

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

26th March • 2015