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Saving Space In The Warehouse

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 07th May 2015

If you have a busy warehouse operation, particularly in the manufacturing or distribution industry, you will know the amount of space that various palletisation equipment and consumables occupies.

We at Kite have a huge amount of experience in these busy operations and if you are a regular customer you will know we have recently launched a range of Pallet Wrapping Machines to help with space optimisation, and other Warehouse efficiencies.

Pallets Stacked In Warehouse

Pallet wrapping machines and other packing machines, such as paper void fill systems and bagging machines, can completely rejuvenate an operation. They make it more structured, more efficient and, when using the example of pallet wrapping machines, keep the packing area tidy and compact so there is more space for storage and picking.

Of course, the best space savers are our robot pallet wrapping machines. These robot machines do not have a fixed position, and instead can be remotely controlled. They can wrap pallets anywhere in an operation, ideal if the bagging area becomes over-crowded and pallets need to be wrapped elsewhere.

However, if you’re not in the market for a pallet wrapping machines there are plenty of other space saving solutions available to you. This includes both plastic and presswood pallets that have a unique stackable design feature, allowing them to be piled safely and efficiently.

Unlike traditional timber pallets that take up much more space, plastic and presswood pallets are much more compact and also lighter, making them cheaper to transport and easier to handle.


In terms of void fill and protection, for smaller loads and parcels, our Mini Air system provides excellent space-saving capabilities as well as cost benefits. Air cushions can provide a direct replacement for bubble wrap and loose-fill chips, and one roll of uninflated air cushions is equivalent to 15 bags of loose fill chips in terms of useable volume.

Our enviro range has also proved to not only provide environmental benefits, but also reduce storage space for products. Enviro-tape gives you more tape on a roll, so you can buy less and there is more tape to a pack – taking up less storage space in your operation.

Enviro-boxes also reduce storage space, by using 30% less material while still providing excellent strength, they are a direct replacement for double-wall boxes and cheaper to transport.

What else do you do in your business to optimise space?

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