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Say hello to our new packaging solutions…

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 26th February 2019

We’ve introduced some new, innovative additions to our online offering this month – layer pads for dividers, strapping edge protectors and zip lock bags

Our market leading ecommerce website has gone from strength to strength since its creation in 2004 and these new packaging solutions will be sure to offer further packaging protection to our customers.

Layer pads for dividers
One area of importance for many customers is the improvement of packroom efficiency. For a lot of businesses, ensuring the optimisation of space inside boxes when packing is a no brainer. We added universal carton dividers earlier in the year and have now expanded the range to include single wall carton layer pads, adding greater versatility to a popular range. Used in conjunction with many of our standard sized stock boxes our ‘in-the-box’ universal divider cells and layer pads are ideal for customers packaging multiple items into a box, where production separation is key.

Strapping edge protectors
With an increasing emphasis on health and safety, it’s not uncommon for pallet strapping to be applied with too much tension causing damage to the products on the top edges of pallets. As a solution to this problem we have added strapping edge protectors into the range, a very low-cost product that offers cost-effective protection for palletised goods.

Zip lock bags
Our other new addition is zip lock bags, a lightweight packaging solution for a range of products such as retail, cosmetics, electronics or travelling commodities. The bags are available in two specifications, a clear 70 micron LDPE material and a frosted 70 micron CPE.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

26th February • 2019