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Students design, construct and decorate cardboard beach huts!

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 18th January 2018

Students design, construct and decorate cardboard beach huts!

Students of Southampton Solent University demonstrate their creative talents

It’s been some time since we’ve bought to your attention some of the great designs we see produced from packaging materials, with the Christmas rush and the new year, we have been busy getting some big things prepared for 2018.

Still we want to continue to show you some of the wonderful designs that we have seen, and the new students on the Design Foundation course at Southampton Solent University spent their first weeks designing, constructing and decorating life-sized beach huts out of cardboard.

Allowing the students creative freedom, they were simply given 3.5m x 3.5m plots in which to build their huts.

Reported by the University, the final huts were constructed out of 240 sheets of cardboard – roughly the size of 26 car parking spaces – all of which will be recycled.

Here at Kite we were impressed to see the creativity and construction skills of all the students involved, and we hope it shows the versatility of cardboard that may inspire you to create works of your own!

Thank you to Southampton Solent University for sharing their story, which you can read more about here!

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

18th January • 2018