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The benefits of pallet wrap and pallet wrap systems

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 27th October 2020

We are one of the UK’s largest packaging distributors offering a range of solutions suited to all industries.

Often the hub of many businesses, warehouses commonly see an increase in activity at this time of year. To support operations, we take a brief look at some of the benefits of pallet wrap and pallet wrap systems and remind businesses of the importance of applying and using pallet wrap correctly. Not only do we have a vast range of solutions, but we also have specialist pallet wrap engineers that are on hand to offer support and advice and have access to manual pull plate tests, electronic force/puncture tests and technology lab testing.

Some key benefits of using pallet wrap and pallet wrap systems

-          - Secure palletised products during transit

-          - Protection from dust, dirt, and moisture

-          - Prevent damage to goods

-          - Improving pallet stability

-          - Reduce the risk of injury

-          - Increase efficiency and speed

-          - Reduce waste

-          - Save money

-          - Support towards best practice and quality

-          - Prevent accidents during transportation and storage

For more information, please refer to our whitepaper on the brochure section of their website, or give us a call on 02476 420065.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

27th October • 2020