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The Kite Packaging Guide Has Landed!

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 11th March 2015

The Kite Essential Packaging Guide is finally here, and just like us offers friendly, helpful advice about packaging products – and which ones are right for your business.

If you are an existing customer of ours you may have had a certain little grey guide come through your door, or land on your desk.


What’s Inside?

If you read our blog, buy our products, talk to our sales team or visit one of our branches you will already know that Kite like to do things a little differently. Our employee-owned philosophy means that each team member has the opportunity to share ideas, and make Kite successful in their own right.

This guide has been designed to break every cliché in the book; it’s not your typical packaging catalogue. Gone are complicated pricing tables, gone are cheesy images and gone are thin pages that crinkle and leave ink blots of your hands. Hooray!

Helping You To Choose The Right Products

We want the guide to be a purchasing tool for customers, something to refer to beyond the administrative day-to-day. That’s why we have included several ‘overview’ pages for you, which give you an idea of the various products you could use in your business.

Our double-page infographics give you advice about which packaging is right for you – are you most concerned about cost-saving? Perhaps you want to save space in the warehouse? Or need it to suit heavy-duty applications? You can now see at a glance which products fulfil your perfect criteria.

Catalogue In Box

Green Businesses

We are a green business, and operate our company on several environmental policies which include reducing waste on-site, maximising the use of recycled and recyclable materials, as well as using suppliers with green credentials. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to make green strategic decisions, especially when the information isn’t clear.

That’s why we’ve included our Enviro logo throughout the catalogue, next to all of our most environmentally-friendly products. Of course, all our products comply with ISO 14001:2004 regulations, but these products are the greenest of them all!


New Products

The guide has been a great opportunity to showcase our new products, which include our range of pallet wrapping machines and brand new gummed paper tape dispensers.

These new ranges have been part of our aim to bring more automated solutions to the website for customers, which help to reduce cost, improve efficiency and reduce damage rates.

Our pallet wrapping machines have been a huge launch for us, as we bought seven different models online. They are fully automated and operated using a control panel, you can use it to alter the tension, number of wraps, turntable speed and much more. Find out which one might be right for you, from an entry-level, advanced and robot machine.

Additionally, our new gummed paper tape dispensers are state-of-the-art and at an amazing price, with the manual version starting at £249 for one machine. Gummed paper tape is hugely popular in fulfilment and e-commerce industry sectors as it creates a secure bond on boxes, and is fully biodegradable.

Catalogue Machines

Want More?

All the products in our catalogue feature on the website, and include more detailed descriptions, full pricing tables and demonstration videos to show you just how simple they are to use.

Take a look through the online guide, and if you want to order visit the website pages using the quick links at the bottom of each page in the guide, or call the team on 024 76420065.



Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

11th March • 2015