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The key to optimising the packing process

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 1st October 2020

We have produced some of the most innovative systems and solutions for pick, pack, and despatch areas, focusing on ergonomically designed systems to aid lean manufacturing. We discuss the importance of this for companies of all sizes.

The warehouse is often the hub of many ecommerce businesses, with packing areas at the heart of the physical side of the business. Making this part of the operation run efficiently and effectively is essential to ensure a smooth turn around when despatching goods, not only is it vital that customers receive their order on time and that goods are protected throughout transit, companies also need to focus on how streamlined the process is and the effect their current process could be having on space, waste, cost and time.

Many solutions are available to be utilised throughout a warehouse operation, but one of the main areas we advise companies put time and attention to is their packing areas, with a focus on the packing process itself. The packing process conveniently enables operatives to have everything they require in one location to economically pack products, saving on space, time, money, and waste. Often when thinking of a packing area, companies look no further than a packing bench, but at Kite we think differently. We focus on the complete solution and how each process works hand in hand with the other. Yes, pack benches are great for a clean, organised environment, but having the correct equipment within that area and being able to get the product to and from its next destination in a streamlined way is crucial.

We understands the importance of an organised environment and choosing the correct products is key to supporting pick and pack operations. For customers requiring an immediate solution we have a range of packing benches and conveyor options on their leading B2B website, with the option to add on extras such as roll holders and shelving, all perfectly suited to integrating their range of in the box systems and automated machines, such as bag sealers, paper tape machines and more.

For larger operations requiring a bespoke service, we design, supply, and fit ergonomic systems to aid lean manufacturing and integrate products to fit within existing systems. Alternatively our in-house design team can provide a complete re-design based on the customers bespoke needs and requirements. Lean manufacturing is vital for companies as one of the heaviest drains on profitability is waste and its impact on time, money, resources, and customer satisfaction. Not only do our bespoke designed systems improve the process and make for a clear, clean, and organised area, their array of high-quality packing systems and solutions will provide the perfect protection for products. Whether this is the setup of their innovative Mini Air or paper systems, the integration of their wrap and hold or pallet wrap machines, or overhead hopper baskets all of which each support space optimisation, pack velocity and minimise worker fatigue.   

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

1st October • 2020