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Utilising systems and automation in the packing process to create efficiency, cost savings and maximise volume throughput.

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 04th May 2016

The rapid growth in Ecommerce revenues in recent years has led to a significant increase in the demand for more efficient packing processes and materials. In turn, this has brought about developments in technology that have significantly changed the applications of automated packing solutions. As online businesses continue to grow and there is an ever increasing demand for greater volume throughput, machinery and systems are being looked to more than ever to provide efficiency, cost savings and waste reduction in the packing process.

Whether the packing process within a company requires low or high volume throughput, it is vital that it is set up to meet the speed and overall quantities of the user’s specific output in order to effectively run the packing line. E-commerce companies are beginning to focus on ways that they can automate, and with market leaders such as Amazon leading the way in showing how rapidly e-commerce businesses can grow, companies have begun to focus on their packing processes as the key to business efficiency.

Packing can no longer be seen as just an expense, rather it needs to be considered as an opportunity to innovate and deliver a more positive purchasing experience to consumers. Innovations in the packing process are gathering pace and as demand created by the surge in e-commerce sales continues to grow, it is becoming more critical that space and volume throughout is maximised.

More efficient use of space enables companies to improve the layout in the packaging facility. Additionally, systems not only increase the volumes of products that can be packed but can often be adapted for a variety of products, often negating the need for a range of machines.

Kite Packaging are experts in their industry, priding themselves on being a truly dynamic company and investing heavily in research and development. They constantly look to innovate around improved pack performance, improved operating time and limiting environmental impact.

Kites Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machines are ideal for large operations wrapping high volumes of pallets, their extensive range of machines have been designed to support the overall efficiency of the packing operation. Aimed at high volume users, these machines wrap pallets in a fast and efficient way and when utilised with Kites new generation of high performance stretch film they are designed to get maximum use out of the film in a cost effective way. These machines support operations in getting large volumes of despatches out of the door, with the confidence that they are secure, stable and cost effective.

For high volume users of void fill, Kites innovative Mini Air offers an array of benefits. Cost effective and efficient, the Mini Air Machine produces air cushions on demand, perforated on a roll it is space saving and easy to store as opposed to bubble wrap and loose fill chips. Mini Air is easily integrated into pick and pack departments and offers consistency. The machine can produce continuous runs of inflated mini air cushions to meet the user’s requirements or can be programmed to produce a specific number of cushions to suit the customer’s needs. Kites Price Comparison Tool calculates how much could be saved by switching to Mini Air, it compares loose fill, bubble wrap and other air bags and clearly explains the savings that could be had.

In busy packing areas, where time saving is vital, Kites Carton Sealing Machine uses standard machine tape, sealing up to 30 cases per minute. With adjustable top guides and adjustable tape tension, this Carton Sealing Machine is very flexible and can quickly and efficiently seal the top and bottom of a huge range of carton sizes.

Launched through their branch network and shown for the first time at Empack 2016, Kite Packaging’s Paper Jet System is a rapid automated paper cushion delivery system which is comfortably the fastest on the market. On a continuous run, the system produces a market leading number of metres when using Kites FanFold 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper material on a pallet, therefore simplifying and reducing loading intervals.

Founded in 2001 as a true Employee-Owned business, Kite are one of the fastest growing packaging distributors in the UK and were recently included in the London Stock Exchange Groups list of ‘1000 Top Companies to Inspire Britain’. Kites vision is at the forefront of everything they do, and in their 15 year history they have grown to be one of the largest packaging distributors in the UK.

For more information on their range of products and services, call Kite on 02476 420065 or visit