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We have launched plastic free bottle protection for a wide range of fragile items

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 17th December 2020

We have 7 sites located around the UK and have always focused on bringing innovative solutions to market.

Our latest two product launches involve plastic-free bottle protectors, both 100% recyclable and biodegradable, they make the perfect solution for protecting delicate items.


With its unique patented honeycomb design, Flexi-Hex is a great alternative to plastic and other protective packaging solutions such as polystyrene, and is much more cost-effective than other paper solutions such as ‘pulp‘ packaging. Extremely strong and adaptable, it is suitable for glass, bottles, homewares, ceramics and much more. Simply place between the two-honeycomb structures and use in conjunction with our single wall outer box for ultimate protection during transit.

Corrugated bottle sleeves

Designed to mould itself around a variety of shapes, our 100% recyclable and biodegradable corrugated sleeving is suitable to protect a wide range of products, from glass, bottles, ceramics, jars, homeware and much more. Moisture resistant, adaptable, and extremely easy to use they are a great lightweight plastic free alternative. Simply place in-between the cylinder shape structure and use in conjunction with our tailor-made postal boxes, for added protection during transit fill any voids with our paper bubble or SpeedMan paper.

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

17th December • 2020