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We have exceeded our plastic reduction target, and have achieved a huge reduction of 207 tonnes

By Jake Kirk • Friday 06th March 2020

At the start of 2019 we set a target to reduce our usage and our customer's usage of plastic by 120 tonnes. Having recently completed an audit of the project we announced the final figures for 2019 are a massive reduction of 207 tonnes.

The success of the campaign comes after a successful year of new product launches, with a key focus on not only offering products that use less plastic but also ranges that are alternatives to plastic or products that can be reused.  In support of new product initiatives we also continued to offer free audits, through our specialist support divisions, for any business seeking to explore environmentally friendly packaging solutions.  

With a strong start to 2019, seeing the launch of our dynamic gummed paper tape dispending machine, our range expansion of paper tapes,  the launch of our paper padded envelopes and the development of our sugar cane bio film, to name a few, we demonstrated a firm commitment to plastic reduction and elimination.

Our new product drive has continued into 2020 and we have recently increased our paper bag offering to now include twist handle paper carrier bags, tape handle paper carrier bags, brown paper bags, strung paper counter bags and paper mailing bags.

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Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

06th March • 2020