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We have increased our refuse sacks range!

By Jake Kirk • Monday 12th December 2016

We have increased our refuse sack range

New pack sizes have been added to cater for low and high volume users

Refuse sacks are one of those typical packaging products used by a wide range of industries as well as being a hugely popular home essential. Widely used for collection, storage, disposal and handling of different waste, they are also commonly known as compactor sacks, waste bags, rubbish bags or bin liners. black-sack-1

We aim to build a reputation for supplying high quality products at highly competitive prices for low and high volume users. Our recent launch of refuse sacks makes our range one of the most competitive on the market. Our new range offers smaller quantity packs perfect for low volume orders and we have added lines to their existing high quantity range, ideal for high volume users.

Our new range consists of -

  • Large light duty liners in rolls of 20 - Black
  • Large medium duty liners in packs of 50 - Black
  • XL light duty liners in packs of 500 - Black
  • XL medium duty liners in rolls of 10 - Black
  • XL medium duty liners in packs of 200 - Black
  • XL extra heavy duty liners in packs of 100 - Black
  • Light duty wheelie bin liners in rolls of 6 - Black
  • XL medium duty liners available in rolls of 10 – Greenrefuse-sacks-group-2

The full range of refuse sacks suit all requirements and our customers can choose from a range of black rubbish sacks for residential use, clear bin bags for office or our specialised bin liners such as wheelie bin liners and a selection of coloured bin sacks for sorting waste, including blue, red, yellow and green.

To see our full range of refuse sacks please visit or call 02476 420065 for more information.

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

12th December • 2016