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We Have Launched Our New Range of Specialist Ventilated Stretch Film

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 03rd May 2016

Here at Kite Packaging we are experts in developing industry-specific technical solutions for a range of sectors and work hard on developing the correct range of packaging products, tailored to the requirements of our customer base. Having recently focused our expertise on further developing our stretch film range, we are fast becoming market leaders in supplying the most common product used to ensure load stability for pallets in transit. Pallets of products arriving damaged is a familiar problem and can often be due to a number of reasons; the courier may not be taking the care required, the protection may not be adequate for the product or the protective packaging is of poor quality.

We offer one of the most extensive ranges of stretch film on the market and with the addition of new films, such as high performance, Nano-films and now ventilated pallet wrap, we can provide solutions to an even more diverse range of companies. Utilising our specialist team of highly experienced stretch film experts the key priority is to ensure the product solution is tailored exactly to the customer’s specific application.

The latest addition to our range is ventilated stretch film. Available to purchase via the Kite website, the new range of ventilated stretch film is one of the more specialist films we offer and suits a variety of specific industries and applications thanks to its unique properties.

Our ventilated films provide excellent airflow around wrapped pallets, eliminating the build-up of condensation and preventing the development of bacteria that can occur when using regular stretch film. Our new range consists of 4 types of ventilated stretch film 2 for hand application and 2 for machine application. Ventilated stretch films are used typically to wrap products such as fresh produce, cardboard, fresh food, paper and environments where contents are warm.

Kite ventilated 50% is the ideal hand applied stretch film solution for wrapping products such as flowers and plants, fresh products and fruit and vegetables, this solution avoids the development of bacteria and condensation both of which can cause the products to perish far quicker.

Kite ventilated plus 225%, for semi-automatic or automatic wrapping machines has a pre-stretch of 225%. Commonly used to wrap products such as pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, beer, and pet food, this solution prevents the development of bacteria and avoids oxidation of cans due to accumulation of water.

Kite ventilated Flores light has specific sized holes allowing ventilation, this makes it perfect for the floral market and horticulture markets. The holes prevent the build-up of gases which affect the flowers.

Kite ventilated standard light is a general purpose machine film designed for industries where ventilation of goods is required. Where stability and ventilation are needed, this product is ideal due to the slightly larger holes allowing maximum ventilation.

Our stretch film range includes flush core, coloured films, cast or blown, envirostretch, and custom logo printed stretch wrap, with selected ranges available in medium and heavy duty. We also supply a range of automated pallet machinery and our newly launched 5x5 hand held pallet dispenser.

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