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We’ve added temperature indicators to our temperature sensitive packaging range

By Jake Kirk • Monday 01st July 2019

We’ve released our new temperature indicators to help businesses accommodate a maintained temperature in transit.

These new temperature indicators are small self-adhesive labels that go inside chilled packaging to facilitate contents that need to be kept at a certain temperature.

temperature indicators

Our temperature indicators monitor the temperature throughout a specified time period and indicate when their maximum threshold has been breached. Each indicator also informs users how long the contents have been above the specified threshold temperature.

Temperature indicators are commonly used with many food, pharmaceuticals and medical products to show the accumulated time-temperature history of a product.

packaging temperature indicators

There are two specifications available to choose from, food temperature indicators and pharmaceutical temperature indicators, ranging from temperatures 5-8 °C and have varied time frames.

Each of the indicators are self-activated and will ensure chilled goods get to their destination at the desired temperature that businesses require.

These new temperature indicators are another addition to our new chilled packaging range, which features enviro-friendly insulated boxes, insulated box liners, ice packs, thermal pallet overs and temperature controlled pouches.

If you want to find out more about our temperature indicators and the other products in our chilled package range, click here.