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We’ve brought the ultimate segmented in-the-box protection to market…

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 22nd January 2019

We've extended our in-the-box packaging offering by introducing our new, innovative, dividers.

A dynamic, recyclable packing solution, these self-locking universal dividers are the perfect solution for carton boxes where goods need segmented protection.

With their easy-tear perforations, users can slot and configure a different, customised size which suits all the different dimensions of individual requirements.

The product's ability to adapt makes it ideal for a huge variety of applications, as they ensure box contents are soundly segmented with an array of light cushioning intervals.

Therefore, if you need to divide and protect bottles, ceramics, cosmetics or electrical goods, these dividers can cater for all specifications across a wide range of industries.

They are 100% recyclable, making them another useful eco-friendly product that will help us achieve our 2019 goal of reducing our plastic footprint.

We're aiming to reduce our plastic waste by 120 tonnes so we are very pleased to welcome our universal, carton dividers to the Kite product library!

Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

22nd January • 2019