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We’ve expanded our silica gel offering – introducing our indicating silica gel

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 17th July 2019

We’ve enhanced our product offering at Kite by introducing self-indicating silica gel to our already extensive desiccants range.

Ideal for applications where long term use is required and offering the same benefits as silica gel in terms of its properties, this indicating silica gel offers an extra benefit by indicating when moisture is present. The initial colour of the gel is orange and if it stays as this, then airtight seals have not been breached, however, if it has turned green this indicates that moisture is present within.

This indicating silica gel is extremely useful when dealing with items in which it is critical that moisture does not get in due to it jeopardising the quality such as, pharmaceuticals and electrical components.

Another key benefit of the product is that it can in fact be re-used, once the bag is saturated it can be dried out and the colour will change back to orange, ready for re-use.

This product is commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, hydraulic systems and tool and seed storage, indicating silica gel is an effective way of detecting when moisture is present and an airtight environment is breached.