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What Is It Like To Be A Kite Graduate?

By Andy Fay • Friday 08th May 2015

If you follow us on Twitter, or you like our Kite Graduates Facebook page, you will have seen we recently extended the application deadline from 15th May to 5th June!

We have recognised that if you are a potential applicant for the programme, you may be bogged down in exam revision right now – and we don’t want to miss out on great potential Kite Graduates because of that!

Remember, all you need to do is submit your CV and covering letter to – no long application form, no filling in your contact details again and again!

The Kite Graduate Development programme is brand-new for this year, however as a company we have always recruited Graduates. Kite is a rapidly growing, fresh and innovative business – and for us to continue this trend we need young, fresh, innovative talent!

But what’s it like to join our company fresh from University? We interviewed a few of our employee partners to give you a flavour of life at Kite. Read on to find out more, and see further interviews over on the Facebook page.

What it’s like for a Graduate in…Marketing

Name: Tara

Department/Job Title: Marketing, Marketing & PR Team Leader

University/Degree:  Leeds Metropolitan University, Public Relations


Why did you choose to start your post-graduate career at Kite Packaging?

Because I had been pro-active whilst at University and gained a fair amount of work experience, I was looking for a role that would give me a lot of responsibility despite being fresh out of University. I wanted something that would be challenging and push me to do better, as well as having a friendly culture behind it. Kite offered exactly that.

Describe your role, what do you do in a typical day?

Being in marketing it can vary from day to day! As team leader I am responsible for the overall marketing strategy, particularly for our online division, to ensure campaigns are planned, implemented, delivered, and measured as effectively as possible. I am also responsible for the majority of our communications – such as PR, email marketing, social media, blog, and website written content.

How do you feel you have developed since leaving University?

Kite doesn’t have a corporate, political hierarchy – if you can prove yourself you will be rewarded! I have been given the opportunity to take ownership of Kite’s marketing and although it’s been a challenge it has helped me to be more creative, improved my ability to think on my feet and encouraged me to drive a campaign to an end result.

What do you enjoy most about working at Kite Packaging?

The people really are at the heart of the company, teamwork is very much a valued aspect of the business and this is reflected in everything that we do. It’s amazing to be part of a company that you not only have part ownership of, but also that you feel you can really make a difference to.

What advice would you give to Graduates looking to apply to Kite’s Graduate Programme?

Kite is so much more about packaging; I have been here for almost two years and never once been bored. The business is very fresh and a leader in innovation, so don’t be put off thinking you’ll just be staring at cardboard boxes all day!

When you start at Kite you are expected to hit the ground running, so don’t be afraid. If you have ideas and ambition to make our business better then you’re the type of person we want to hear from, because as a Graduate on the Programme you will become integral to the way we operate.

What it’s like for a Graduate in…Compliance

Name: Ams

Department/Job Title: Kite Environmental Solutions, Business Development Graduate / Account Manager

University/Degree: Loughborough University, Master of Science (MSc), Information Management and Business Technology


Why did you choose to start your post-graduate career at Kite Packaging?

When I was completing my post-graduate degree I was looking for a career rather than a job, somewhere which would help me grow as a person and enable me to use the skills that I had learnt at University.

I’d had other jobs after completing my undergraduate degree that didn’t offer me any responsibility or provide me with any development, all of which Kite has delivered.

As a new starter on the KES Graduate Scheme, Kite offered a young, dynamic work place environment, with good ethics and a story which demonstrates that hard work does really pay off, something which is really important to me.

Describe your role, what do you do in a typical day?

I work for a division of Kite Packaging, Kite Environmental Solutions, which is a leading Government-accredited Compliance Scheme for the Packaging Regulations.

Each day is different; a lot of what I do is work collaboratively within my team, to ensure we register all our members on time, and that their data is accurate. My core job is to provide a bespoke service and consultancy to customers, to ensure that they meet their obligations under the Packaging Regulations - from auditing and data analysis, to completing their calculations. I personally specialise in supporting 'enforcement undertakings', to remedy any previous year’s non-compliance under the Regulations.

I came on as more of a technical Graduate, to help re-design and build the Kite Environmental Solutions website, put together marketing plans, and put processes in place to increase efficiency. However, I have now been encouraged to chase new business for the team. I go out and look for new members, do on-site presentations, complete proposals, and then get clients registered and compliant.

I never thought that this would be something I was capable of doing, however it’s actually helped me overcome some confidence barriers, and developed my presentation skills massively.

How do you feel you have developed since leaving University?

I have been given a number of opportunities to grow, and have learnt about new aspects of general business practice by seeing how a variety of industries operate. I couldn’t have imagined I would be this involved with such important business clients when this I was at University.

Kite has given me a lot of responsibility and trust from the start, which has only increased. The working environment at Kite helps you to understand your strengths, and I have been given the right mentorship in order for me to meet my personal goals, and extend my skill set.

What do you enjoy most about working at Kite Packaging?

The highlight for me is going out to see customers and see how different businesses function. Everyday can be different, from visiting foundries to chocolate factories; the type of exposure you get is second-to-none.

Before Kite, I had never worked somewhere where your opinions matter. You don’t just merge into the background here; everyone has a voice and a valued opinion. As an employee owned company, everyone wants to do a good job because they own a piece of it. Your successes are always acknowledged, not only by your peers but by management, which is very rare in my opinion.

What advice would you give to Graduates looking to apply to Kite’s Graduate Programme?

Kite’s a completely different business model from your corporate hierarchy; it’s a fast-paced expanding business that really makes you feel part of the movement.

You will never just learn about one aspect of the business, or keep one skill set. They listen to your ideas, invest in you and hard work is definitely rewarded, as you will be a driving force in growing this company. I’m not saying it will be easy or a walk in the park, but if you’re up for a challenge this is the company for you.

What it’s like for a Graduate in…Internal Sales

Name: Emily

Department/Job Title: Branch Office Manager – Midlands Branch

University/Degree: Loughborough University, Industrial Design and Technology


Why did you choose to start your post-graduate career at Kite Packaging?

Having worked for a large multi-national corporation during my University sandwich year, I was frustrated by the bureaucracy involved with implementing any changes and having an impact on the business.

When I graduated I was keen to join a small to medium-sized business, where I felt I could really be a part of a team and make a difference. Kite came to present at my University Graduate Recruitment Fair, and I was sold from that point on!

Describe your role, what do you do in a typical day?

My role is incredibly varied. I oversee the day-to-day running of one of Kite's branch distribution sites, so typically get involved with customer service, purchasing, stock control, credit control, warehousing, logistics, and anything else that lands on my desk! My team and I are responsible for driving and implementing the branch’s ambitious growth targets, so everything we do on a daily basis is focussed on improving our efficiencies and driving the business forward.

How do you feel you have developed since leaving University?

I’ve worked hard in each of the roles I’ve had at Kite to try and become an expert in each area, and gain as much knowledge as I can. I feel that I now have a really good understanding of the commercial aspects of running a business, and I’ve been rewarded by being promoted to my current position.

What do you enjoy most about working at Kite Packaging?

Kite is an employee-owned company, so when the company does well, the shareholder employees are rewarded accordingly. This means that every single member of staff is dedicated to doing the best possible job they can, and everyone is working towards the same goal – in turn creating a great atmosphere and environment to work in.

What advice would you give to Graduates looking to apply to Kite’s Graduate Programme?

This is a Graduate Programme with a difference – the opportunity to work directly for the company Chairman, and gain experience throughout the whole business at various branches, is unique and exciting. Make sure you’re prepared to work hard, enjoy yourself, and most importantly be unafraid to bring your own ideas and leave your own stamp on our business. We’re looking for the next generation to inspire us and help continue to keep Kite the most innovative company in its marketplace.

Find Out More

If our current Graduates have persuaded you, but you want some more information, head to the dedicated Graduate programme page on our website. There’s plenty of information about the Programme’s structure, salary and benefits, and the full list of deadline dates (including dates of assessment days and induction).