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Which Pallet Wrapping Machine Is Right For You?

By Jake Kirk • Thursday 05th March 2015

We are constantly introducing new machinery and products into our range, and are now pleased to announce that we have pallet wrapping machines available!

If you manage a packing or fulfilment operation you will know how long pallets can take to wrap. Perhaps you are looking for more uniform packaging for your goods, or want to save time and labour costs? Pallet wrapping machines are a great solution, and more cost effective than you think.

Pallet wrapping machines are designed to improve the overall efficiency of the packaging operation, and save costs in the supply chain. All of the machines in our range can be programmed to alter the number of wraps per pallet, turntable speed, and film carriage speed - allowing a pallet to be wrapped in seconds.

With seven different models available, we understand there is a lot of information to absorb. Take a look below at some frequently asked questions, to help you choose which machine is perfect for your business.

1. I am thinking about buying a pallet wrapping machine for the first time, which should I choose?

When you move from hand wrapping to automated, you want to choose a machine that will provide you with peace of mind.

The Ecoplat range can be easily implemented into your daily operation. These machines are the most economical machines available, and have easy to use controls, allowing you to programme the speed and security of the wrap.

There are two machines to choose from within the Ecoplat range; take a look at our video to see which one is best for you.



  1. I am looking for a more advanced turntable machine, what can I get for my money?

First, decide what your ideal machine would look like. There are three advanced models available in our Rotoplat range, with different levels of automation.

You will need to consider how capital expenditure will help with your operation, and plan around that. The Rotoplat 708, for example, feels expensive, but will pay for itself when it helps solves operational issues, and will provide long- term savings for high volume operations.

All three of the Rotoplat machines offer state-of-the-art, multi-level controls, that create the exact pallet you want. Greater flexibility in your operation allows you to accommodate the most awkward of pallets, even when wrapping windows and doors!

Accessories are also worth considering if you are looking to improve your efficiency. Do you find yourself in a position where you need to record all of your shipping weights? Do you want to transport pallets more easily onto the turntable? To get the best out of your new machine, and improve the pallet wrapping operation further, have a look at our range of accessories to help maximise the potential of your new purchase.

Ramps start at just £295, and digital weight scales discreetly fit under the machine, to help streamline the shipping process.

  1. I need something that can be easily moved as we have a flexible packaging operation?

Robot pallet wrapping machines are a relatively new innovation in our industry, and offer a compact system with the highest flexibility.

If you have different packing areas around your operation these machines are ideal for you. They can literally move around with you, as if you have a warehouse operative by your side, making pallet wrapping more efficient and mobile.

With two highly developed models to choose from, both machines will work around any size pallet. The height and weight of the load is unlimited, so machines efficiently wrap a whole pallet in seconds.

Sound good? Take a look at our video to see them in action!


Jake Kirk

Jake Kirk

05th March • 2015