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White hivewrap introduced following high demand

By Jake Kirk • Tuesday 15th June 2021

After launching our revolutionary hivewrap in January, we have seen a rapid surge in popularity prompting us to release an additional colour to the range. The growth of demand for hivewrap reflects the technical excellence of the product and the increased need for sustainable packaging to satisfy the shifting priorities of the consumer base. In just a short space of time, many businesses have made the decision to go plastic-free by swapping bubble wrap for this 100% recyclable alternative. Boasting increased cost-effectiveness, storage space and environmental awareness, it’s not difficult to understand why.


1.       Environmental awareness

Hivewrap, now available in a traditional kraft shade or a crisp white, is fully recyclable and biodegradable without a hint of plastic in its design. As it is comprised of interlocking hexagonal cells, the wrap adheres to itself for a secure fit without the need for any glue or tape. The single best thing to do for the environment in terms of packaging is to reduce the amount that you use. As a result, this multi-purpose product is ideal for reducing your company’s impact on the planet and providing a comprehensive protective layer.

2.       Space-saving

Growing businesses will be well-versed in the importance of conserving physical space to hold stock, provide fast dispatches and generally run a successful enterprise. Bubble wrap famously takes up a colossal amount of storage space; 20 times more than hivewrap, to be precise. In a test to see how much hivewrap versus how much bubble wrap would be required to protect the same volume of products, the results showed that a single roll of our 500mm paper wrap equated to four rolls of 500mm x 100m bubble wrap. Hence, considerably less product is required in addition to the fact that hivewrap is, by design, far more streamlined.

3.       Cost-effective

Naturally, this also prompts a massive 35% cost saving. A common critique of sustainable alternatives is a heightened price tag, yet Kite’s paper wrap inverts this belief. Marry economic viability with optimal environmental consciousness for a winning solution perfect for both large and small businesses alike.

4.    Technical versatility

Bubble wrap is instantly recognisable and as a result, is trusted. However, despite the compact structure of the honeycomb inspired wrap, this paper offers high quality protection to even very fragile goods. Homeware, ceramics or even glassware can be reliably transported with this paper shock absorbent. Hexagons are renowned as one of the strongest shapes there are and Kite has wielded this quality to deliver top protective performance from recyclable resources. Furthermore, the expandable cells provide outstanding flexibility, meaning that you can mould the wrap around items to enable a truly tight and secure fit. This restricts movement, thus minimising opportunity for damage.

5.       Beacon of innovation

Leveraging the strength of the hexagon is revolutionary and innovative, granting businesses that embrace it an impressive edge on competition. The consumer will associate your company with green initiatives and the latest technological advances, helping to curate a positive brand image that customers will both invest in and repeatedly return to. By introducing a new colour, we illustrate the growth of demand while making hivewrap more adaptable to cosmetic or retail brands that may favour a clean white palette.


Integrate our solutions into your own style with our growing paper wrap range. The hivewrap is supported by a selection of dispensers designed to make packing operations exceptionally efficient. Browse the available bundles to maximise savings and make the best out of the new face of sustainable packaging.