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Why returnable mailing bags are essential for ecommerce growth

By Jake Kirk • Wednesday 21st July 2021

Ecommerce sales have displayed unparalleled rates of growth over the past couple of years with experts predicting that this trend is determinably set to continue. Yet, due to the inherent nature of ordering online, on average 30% of these sales result in items being returned. The top three reasons for returns in the UK as reported in 2020 are an item not fitting the customer, not being as described on the website and a product looking different in person. Businesses can of course try to mitigate these risks by improving website content and clarity, but ultimately, these factors are ingrained into ecommerce culture as it currently stands. Therefore, the best way to cultivate positive customer relations and secure repeat sales is to offer free and frictionless returns. Kite Packaging’s returnable mailing bags are an excellent way to help smooth a returns process and create a loyal, long-lasting customer base.


How does a returnable mailing bag work?

Our returnable postal bags feature a dual peel and seal strip: the first adhesive is used to send out an order and the second enables the recipient to re-seal the package should it need to be returned. Though simple in concept, this innovation could have a significant impact on a customer’s interpretation of your brand. This forethought removes the expense of sourcing one’s own packaging and the unnecessary waste of materials. Moreover, there is often uncertainty regarding what packing is acceptable for postal returns: another consideration that is eliminated from the equation when using our resealable mailers. According to conversion rate specialist Invesp, 92% of consumers will repeat purchases if the returns process is made easy for them. This overwhelming statistic is one that should not be ignored if your company wants to establish a strong foundation of dependable customers and resultant ecommerce growth.


Why choose Kite’s returnable postal packaging?

At Kite, we offer 100% recyclable kraft FSC certified paper bags with the double peel and seal strip. These mailers offer outstanding green credentials alongside excellent strength granted by the heavy duty material tailormade for repeat use. Furthermore, kraft paper is intrinsically better for the environment than many other paper manufacturing processes since it omits excessive bleaching and almost all of the materials involved can be reused or recovered. Hence, in addition to presenting your shop as a trustworthy vendor offering convenient returns, Kite’s products help your business to establish itself as a forerunner in eco-friendly initiatives. With 67% of online shoppers reading the returns policy before placing an order, it will be an attractive hook to state that your company offers easy returns with returnable mailers made from sustainably sourced kraft paper.


Are the postal bags functional?

To add to an environmental consciousness, our mailing bags also boast high functionality to ensure safe and secure delivery both to and from the consumer. The expandable gusseted side seams reflect this objective by providing generous depth contrasted with the ability to fold inwards when not in use, offering flat pack storage within a warehouse to conserve space. Efficient packing is also supported by the block bottom that lets the bag stand up to be filled. Elevating the customer experience further, the first peel and seal adhesive features an easy tear opening directly above. This allows the user to access their goods quickly without causing damage to the body of the mailing bag. As such, this opening reveals a clean tear that is simple to reseal with the supplied strip in the event of a return.


Convenience is embedded into every aspect of Kite’s returnable mailing bags for the designated purpose of making delivery and returns seamless. This is more than merely a priority for online shoppers; the research shows that easy returns can make or break a sale. Explore our ecommerce solutions to fulfill the demands of today’s shoppers and profit off the exceptional growth occurring through this domain.