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Your Gift Packaging Guide 2021

By Carl Board • Friday 19th November 2021

During the festive season, businesses in any sector can become gift retailers. The easiest way to signal this shift is through embracing gift packaging: adorning your goods with coloured tissue or shredded paper to enhance the luxury of the entire product. Christmas morning is the single best opportunity to instil fond memories and form emotive bonds to your brand by enchanting the recipient with an attractive unboxing experience. Be the gift they remember when their friends ask: what did you get for Christmas?

How to: Health and Beauty 

A popular gift all year round and a firm Secret Santa favourite given the universality of health and beauty products. As these gifts are typically lightweight, you can engulf them with handfuls of Kite’s tissue paper shreds which are 100% recyclable and compostable. Intertwining luxury with sustainability, this packaging also provides a degree of cushioning protection to the contents. If your goods are lighter than an egg, this void fill will work a treat. If they exceed this weight, switch to our coloured shredded paper

For outer packaging, you can slot the goods into one of our attractive pillow boxes. The solid board is fully recyclable and though compact, provides a high level of protection thanks to the curvature of the faces. Kite also have an extensive array of brown or white postal boxes in a variety of sizes for larger orders. 

How to: Ceramics

Ceramics can be heavier and more delicate, necessitating some thought when it comes to balancing the need for attractive gift wrapping with packaging that provides adequate shielding against knocks and bumps. Hivewrap fulfils these requirements perfectly. Available in either kraft or white, the honeycomb structure is aesthetic and highly effective as a protective wrap, leveraging the natural strength of the hexagon to guard against damage. This packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, acting as a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap with massive space and cost savings. 

Though hivewrap can look great on its own, we couldn’t help getting creative and wrapping with a sheet of tissue paper first before layering hivewrap over the top. This allows the pop of colour from the tissue to peek through the hexagonal cells for a unique depth of design. Surround with shredded paper in a complementary hue to prevent movement within the box and elevate the visual effect further. 

How to: Bottles

Whether you’re catering toward families getting in their favourite tipples to have with Christmas lunch or specifically targeting the gift market, it always pays to include premium packaging with your bottled drink orders.

The crowning glory of our bottle packaging range is Kite’s Flexi-Hex sleeves that can be accompanied with a pinch top box or oblong box in either brown or white: all of which are stylish and classic options. Activate top wholesale prices by taking advantage of the bundle offers available for each design. The sleeve itself utilises the same fantastic honeycomb configuration and environmental properties as the hivewrap, the difference being that is it specifically shaped into a sleeve designed to mould around standard sized bottles. Other options include our corrugated sleeving or Air Shock bottle packs which can be positioned inside a suitable postal box. For orders of multiple bottles, simply arrange our universal cardboard dividers into the required configuration to avoid the glass colliding against each other and causing potential damage.

Hampers including bottled products are especially popular around this time of year; Celtic Country Wines exudes festivity and the art of gift giving with their carefully thought-out packaging illustrated below:

"Here at Celtic Country Wines, we're all about creating sustainable products in order to lower our carbon footprint. By using Kite Packaging's tissue paper, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, we're able to beautifully present products such as our rustic Welsh Christmas Puddings and Hampers whilst being safe in the knowledge that we're doing our bit for the environment. With their extensive range of colours available to purchase, they have made it easy for us to complement the aesthetic of our existing compostable hamper boxes and packaging."

How to: Candles

Christmas can be an especially busy period for candle makers or creators of homemade wax melts. Scents such as cinnamon, nutmeg or cranberries are hugely evocative of warm, cosy Christmases and as such can be very popular. Whether you pour your handmade scents into mason jars or weighty ceramic containers, however, candles typically require some extra protection to reach their destination due to their weight.

The aforementioned universal cardboard dividers act as the perfect packaging for multiple candles and can be customised to suit your specific goods and the box you intend to use. For single pieces, Kite’s small ecommerce boxes can tightly hug the product, minimising the chance of internal movement and hence effectively protecting the contents from damage. The candle itself can be wrapped in anything from hivewrap to tissue paper depending on the degree of cushioning you believe your container to require – alternatively, these wraps can be combined! If any space does remain within the box, simply sprinkle shredded paper in any shade you desire. Fully recyclable and fantastically aesthetic.

How to: Artwork

Artists will naturally want to marry aesthetic considerations with a dependable level of protection to guard their works from any damage that could occur during transit. Our sleek round postal tubes available in either kraft or black colours satisfy these requirements with ease, alongside being widely recyclable once the art reaches its destination. Whether you are shipping hand-drawn illustrations or pop culture posters, paper products can be neatly rolled up and slotted into the tube to prevent creasing or the chance of rips. 

For canvasses or mediums unable to be rolled into a cylinder, Kite supply cardboard picture frame boxes that use a telescopic design making the dimensions adaptable to the object. The lid slots snugly into the base as far as is needed to neatly contain the contents. 

How to: Baked goods

Homemade brownie and cake businesses have surged in popularity since lockdown and remain a wonderfully well received letterbox gift for loved ones across the country. For outer packaging, bakers can use a takeaway box, pizza box or postal box depending on how moist the produce is. The takeaway box specifically features a grease resistant coating to minimise the chance of any moisture transfer, though each option enjoys 100% recyclability. Inside the box, our clients love aesthetic void fill options such as our wood wool or shredded tissue paper that enhance that first impression upon receiving the box. For takeaway orders or purchases at a Christmas fair, for example, choose from either our tape handle or twist handle paper carrier bags to complete the service.

With over 2,500 stock products available on our website, Kite enables your creativity to run riot in terms of combining different gift wraps, boxes or bags to cultivate your unique brand representation. Make the first impression your customer has with your business to be overwhelmingly positive with our array of professional, protective and pretty packaging. Not to mention, almost every item mentioned is complete with environmentally conscious components to eliminate any guilt of being truly expressive with your decorative presentation. Christmas is as good an excuse as any to entertain luxury and extravagance, while ensuring your products arrive is pristine condition. 

Carl Board

Carl Board

19th November • 2021