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  • Specially designed packs for protecting glass bottles
  • Pouches have a pre-inserted valve, to make inflation even easier
  • Inflate on demand using an air compressor
  • Cost-effective replacement for packaging such as polystyrene moulds and foam fittings
  • Choose packs with an outer box for additional protection
  • See our full range of Air Shock packaging for protecting items such as ceramics and electronics

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About Air Shock bottle packaging

Air Shock is an 'armoured air' product from Kite Packaging, designed to protect glass bottles in transit.

As with our standard range of air cushion packaging, the bottle packs are stored and delivered flat ready to be inflated as and when they are needed. Our range of air compressors and inflation kits are essential for the inflation of the packs.

Please allow a 7-10 day lead time for the small compressor.


  • Easy to inflate: all our air bag bottle packaging comes with a pre-inserted valve to aid inflation for labourers
  • Lightweight: inflatable air cushion bottle packs are 98% air once inflated, reducing your overall pack weight significantly
  • Excellent shock absorption: an essential benefit when shipping glass, packs are made from LDPE and are rigid when inflated, providing 360 degree air cushioning
  • Easy to handle: pack time and labour costs can be reduced dramatically, as one pack is all that's needed to pack a product
  • Space-saving: un-inflated pouches take up a margin of the space needed to store polystyrene or foam fittings
  • Presentable: inflatable packaging pillows are transparent, presenting good-looking bottles in an interesting way
  • Hygienic: no harsh chemicals or toxic residue, ideal for the drinks and pharmaceutical industry
  • Environmentally-friendly: can be deflated after use and recycled

Kite's range of Air Shock bottle packaging

Our range of inflatable air cushion packaging bottle packs is suitable for various bottle sizes and is designed especially for the drinks industry and the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector.

You can use it in two ways: by inflating the pouches prior to packing and inserting the bottles in, or by putting the bottles in the uninflated pouches and inflating the cushions around it. There is a plastic valve in our Air Shock bottle pouches to make inflation quicker and easier.

All packs are made from 75 micron LDPE material, creating the 'armoured' feel to the pouches. Please see bullet points below for more information about each pack.

Wine, spirits and champagne bottle packs

  • Sizes: Available as a 1, magnum, 2, 3, 6 and 12 pack
  • Useable dimensions: 300mm (h) x 85mm (diameter) – per bottle, magnum bottle packs usable dimensions 330mm (h) x 115mm (diameter)
  • Optional outer box available: yes, for all pack sizes except magnum
  • Suitable for: 70cl & 75cl glass bottles of drinks (magnum suitable for larger bottles) including wine, spirits, artisan cordials and soft drinks, champagne, cava and much more.

If you’re sending out celebratory bottles of champers or any other larger spirit bottles, we know you want to really make sure that you’re providing them with the utmost care and protection. Our magnum sized air shock offers the ultimate shock-absorbing cushioning for bottles as it safeguards against any potential harm. Their larger capacity makes them ideal for large glass bottles and their strong inflated air pouches create and confirm a secure, armoured feel that sets them up and ready to go for transit.

Air shock Auto

Our state-of-the-art automatic machine designed for high volume bottle shippers. This machine is engineered to inflate our specialised air cushion pouches provided deflated on a roll. A game-changer for businesses aiming to maximise productivity and protection for their bottled products.

With a maximum output of 25 meters per minute, it ensures that your packaging process is not just effective but also swift. If you're tired of manually inflating each pouch, our machine is the solution you've been waiting for.

The machine is built for convenience and user-friendliness. Each roll is carefully perforated before and after every bottle pack, making it easy to tear off individual pouches for immediate use. No scissors or cutters needed!

Key Features & Benefits

  • Maximum Output: 25 meters per minute.
  • 10% discount when compared to the boxed singles version.
  • Compressed Air Requirement: Machine requires a compressed air source to operate effectively. No worries, we have you covered - we can provide a compressor if required.
  • Perforated Rolls: Effortlessly tear off pouches as and when needed.
  • Ideal for: High volume bottle shippers looking for a seamless and efficient packaging solution.

The Air shock auto provides the best protection for your bottles, reducing breakages, and streamlining your packaging process. Elevate your supply chain process and keep your customers satisfied with every intact bottle they receive.

Kite's range of air compressors and inflation kits

All of our air cushion packaging packs, including our bottle packs, are inflated using an air compressor – combined with an inflation kit. You can find out more about our air compressors and inflation kits below.

Air compressors

We offer a small compressor, and a large compressor for inflating air cushion packaging. The large compressor is recommended for higher volumes, and both compressors come with a 12 month warranty. If you encounter any problems with these machines within the 12 month period, please contact us to discuss your warranty.

Large compressor

Our large compressor (410 X 410 X 520mm) weighs 24kg and has a capacity of 22 litres. The 0.55kw motor operates at 120psi and is ultra-quiet running (52dB).

Inflation kits

Compressors can only operate with Air Shock in conjunction with an inflation kit. Each one is simply fitted; watch our video to see just how easy it is.

Gun inflation kit

Our gun inflation kit is quick and easy to use, attaching to the compressor with ease and operated with a trigger mechanism.

Desk mounted inflation kit

We use this desk mounted kit at our exhibitions, and to demonstrate to Major customers as it is best for high volume use. Attach one valve to the compressor and the other to a foot pedal, which is simply pressed by the operative to release air into the Air Shock packs.

Air Shock bespoke packs

Did you know we have a specialist team of experienced sales engineers who can design packs specifically for your products, including packs for large white goods, electronics and engineering stock?

Kite’s bespoke service is offered to our Major Accounts customers with high volumes of products to pack, and therefore minimum order quantities do apply.

If you would like some more information or you are looking for a bespoke pack, please contact us on 02476 420065.

Air Shock packaging

We also sell Air Shock designed for protecting ceramics, ornaments, electronic items and other fragile goods. View our range of Air Shock packaging online.

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Video: Inflating and using Kite Air Shock bottle packs
Watch how to inflate our Air shock cushioned pouches and see the range of bottle packs.
Video: Setting up and using Air Shock compressors and hoses
How to set up our large and compact compressors for use with the Air Shock system.
Video: Air Shock extreme drop testing
In this demonstration we test how protective Air Shock pouches are by drop testing and throwing items at the wall to see if they survive.
Video: Manual Air Shock hand pump
Watch a demonstration on how to use our alternative method of inflating Air Shock.