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Bottle packaging

Bottle packaging

Transporting glass bottles requires specialist packaging that needs to be both strong and well designed. We have a wide choice of bottle packaging to help you get items from A to B ensuring goods inside will arrive safe and undamaged at their destination. Protecting bottles in transit can for many be a minefield with so many options available and them being notoriously breakable. Traditionally, bulky polystyrene bottle packs have been used, but these are hard to store, hard to dispose of and not great for the environment, so how can you protect glass bottles in transit? We have a wide range of packaging for bottles available designed to protect glass bottles, whether you are looking for eco-friendly options, easy to recycle plastic alternatives, speed and efficiency, we have a solution for you. Our range is suitable to protect anything from single bottles up to twelve bottles in any one package and will protect your goods during shipment, therefore reducing damages. Our team work hard to come up with versatile collections of strong and clever designs and solutions, giving you everything you need to successfully fulfil, and ship produce.

Flexi-hex and corrugated bottle sleeves

If you are looking for a 100% recyclable option and sending bottles either individually or that require more of a wow factor when being received by the customer then our flexi-hex is a popular option. Flexi-hex is a patented unique honeycomb design, making it extremely strong and arrives flat packed. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making it the perfect cost-effective solution to other alternatives. Aesthetically pleasing, it will not only be sure to give your customers the wow factors, but it also offers extreme protection and will ensure they arrive in one piece.

Corrugated sleeving

100% recyclable and biodegradable, corrugated sleeving is just that, a corrugated sleeve that moulds around a variety of shapes, in particular glass bottles. Tough and durable they withstand impacts and knocks and are extremely easy to use.


This padded air packaging ensures that any fragile goods are cushioned. Our specially designed air shock bottle packs inflate on demand using an air compressor and can be purchased either individually or with an outer box for added protection.

Boxes for bottles

If you are looking to deliver and protect multiple bottles in one package, we have the option of boxes with dividers that have individual compartments of 6 or 12. Made from heavy duty cardboard with internal divider cells fully integrated into the box, they are a simple yet effective solution for transporting 70cl and 75cl bottles, smaller if needed and used in conjunction with any of our void fill solutions.

Net foam

A sleeve-like net foam protection made from foam and suitable for protecting bottles from knocking together, with the added benefit that it can be used time and time again.

Universal cardboard dividers

Self-locking cardboard dividers for segmented protection and the added benefit that users can custom the cell sizes making sure they are suited to their requirements. They can also be layered up so if you have smaller bottles you can do one layer, add some of Kites void fill and add a second layer.