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Mini Air cushion machines

What is a Mini Air machine?

At Kite, we supply three varieties of Mini Air machines that are scalable to suit businesses of almost any size. The void fill machines use automation to accelerate packing processes through the inflation of air cushions. These air pads are ideal for interleaving, block and brace pack methods, void fill and cushioning. 

In comparison to other in-the-box packaging, the Mini Air cushions are very lightweight and utilise a thin layer of 100% recyclable plastic, hence using a very small quantity of material to produce highly effective shock absorption. This makes it an economical and environmentally conscious system. Moreover, both the machine itself and the rolls of film are space saving by taking up significantly less storage capacity than other popular cushioning products such as loose fill chips or bubble wrap.

Why use a Mini Air machine?

The inflating machines are intelligent in their ability to considerably free up storage space when compared to alternative cushioning materials. Loose fill chips or bubble wrap, for example, take up a large amount of space that can become a big problem for growing businesses where warehouse facilities may be minimal.

By contrast, Mini Air cushions arrive flat-packed and comprise of very thin layers of plastic. Once inflated, they are 99% air and 1% plastic, making them more eco-friendly than the aforementioned alternatives too. Therefore, bulk volumes of the filler material can be bought at wholesale prices and stored very compactly to be inflated as required.

The three available machines allow for scalability and flexibility when determining the needs of your business, making Mini Air an effective and economic solution for a range of ecommerce operations.

Which Mini Air machine is right for me?

The Mini Air range includes three machines to cater toward lower output operations all the way up to very busy ecommerce dispatch centres. To differentiate purely on production speed, the below information provides a good guide:

Mini Air Easi - Under 100 parcels per machine per day

Mini Air Classic - Between 100 - 400 parcels per machine per day

Mini Air Pro - Over 400 parcels per machine per day

Can the Mini Air machines be integrated?

Yes, this is a significant benefit of the Mini Air machines. It may be more economical to invest in multiple Mini Air Easi machines if you only require certain types of films and have several packing stations to be utilised, for example. Therefore, it can be useful to consider the layout of your operation and the size of your work team, alongside your packaging requirements. 

What films are compatible with Mini Air machines?

The different machines have different films that they are compatible with. For example, the Mini Air Easi machine can run either filler 200/150 or wrapper quilt small films for filling voids or directly wrapping around products. On the other hand, the Classic and Pro models can also run with wrapper tube film which combines the flexibility of quilted films with similar thicknesses to the filler packs. These are ideal for very fragile items that require a strong degree of protection. To summarise:

  • Filler cushions: best for cushioning and acting as void fill. These cushions are an effective alternative to loose fill chips.
  • Wrapper tube film: flexibility makes it perfect for corner protection, blocking and bracing, layering and also acting as void fill.
  • Wrapper quilt film: typically used for wrapping, layering and interleaving

Each product page will explain the specific advantages of the different films compatible with each machine.