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Mini Air cushion machines

What is a Mini Air Machine?

The perfect alternative to bubble wrap and other protective void fill solutions our range of air cushion packaging allows users to protect a wide range of products efficiently and effectively as well as saving a great deal of space. The innovative air cushioning machine simply inflates a wide range of filler and wrapper cushions with air, producing sturdy strong cushioning.

If you regularly use void fill and internal protection to protect a wide range of products, then this is air machine is the perfect solution. Rolls are supplied flat and available in lengths from 280 metres to 900 metres, enabling users to save massive amounts of storage space in packing and despatch areas, in comparison to bubble wrap. A range of different roll profiles suitable for uses such as void fill, block and brace, interleaving and wrapping are available.

Which one is right for me?

Please bear in mind the amount of parcels you send per day and from how many pack stations, see below point for more information on integrations.

Mini Air Easi - Under 100 parcels per machine per day

Mini Air Classic - Between 100 - 400 parcels per machine per day

Mini Air Pro - Over 400 parcels per machine per day

Can the Mini Air machines be integrated?

Yes of course, this is the added benefit of this machine. Depending on the layout of the operation and the number of packing benches will depend on the number of machines. As an example, an operation may send out x packages a day and think they need the pro, but this number of packages could in face be distributed between 5 packing benches so therefore integrated the Easi or Classic into the operation would be a more suitable fit.

What are the different films?

  • Filler cushions - filler cushions are the ideal solution for cushioning and void fill and can be used as a great alternative to loose fill, bubble wrap and many other packaging materials.
  • Wrapper tube film - wrapper tube film is ideal for corner protection, blocking and bracing, layering and also for void fill.
  • Wrapper quilt film - wrapper quilt film is the ideal solution for wrapping, layering and interleaving.