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  • Entry level system producing 100% recyclable air cushions
  • Can be integrated into larger packing operations with multiple packing benches
  • Ideal for interleaving, block and brace, void fill, cushioning and much more
  • Can run up to 8m of film per minute
  • Save space on storage due to compact long length rolls
  • Purchasing the machine includes 1 roll of 40m filler and 1 roll of 40m wrapper

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The Mini Air Easi is the entry-level version of our popular air cushion inflating systems.

What type of void fill is able to be produced?

The Mini Air machines use different types of film to form different pads with varying applications: the Mini Air Easi can be used in conjunction with either our filler 200/150 or wrapper quilt small films. The former is a simple rectangular pack that is inflated to resemble a cushion, while the latter inflates to create a shallower depth with air instead being spread across the quilted texture. This enables considerable flexibility, making the air bag suitable for wrapping around products in addition to merely filling the empty space within a box. Both films are fully recyclable and robust while using a very small amount of plastic material; the air cushions produced are 99% air and just 1% plastic. Therefore, this entire solution offers prime functionality partnered with eco-friendly initiatives to appeal to any growing business seeking an entry-level automated machine.

What size of business is this machine designed for?

As our most compact model, the Mini Air Easi is tailored toward businesses with low-volume operations that still want to benefit from increased efficiency and reliable in-house packaging production. The tabletop machine weighs just 4kg and runs up to 8m per minute, making it the best option for companies requiring under 100 parcels per day per machine.

What are the unique benefits of the Easi model?

As the entry-level model within the Mini Air range, the Easi machine benefits from being the most low-cost option that still provides impressive automation with extremely low maintenance and simple operation. No training is required to use the machine as the settings are largely self-explanatory. For businesses needing increased packing speed, you always have the flexibility to buy multiple Mini Air Easi machines to be placed at several packing benches which may work better for certain warehouses compared to merely buying a single faster machine.

What additional details should I know?

The machine comes with a free 1 year parts and labour warranty. This warranty starts automatically from the date you purchase your machine and covers all electrical and mechanical defects. You will need to return the machine to us, and our engineers will assess whether it can be repaired and how long this may take. If the fault is not covered by this warranty, a cost may be incurred and these will be advised before any work is carried out. Please see our website for the returns address and other details.

Cushions used in conjunction with the Mini Air Easi machine:

Mini Air filler
Filler 200/150
Ideal for medium sized voids.
Mini Air wrapper
Wrapper quilt small
Ideal for wrapping, layering & interleaving.

Video: Mini Air Easi machine setup
A demonstration on how to setup the Mini Air Easi machine for both filler and wrapper films

Our Mini Air Easi machine comes with power cord, instruction manual, 1 roll of 40m filler and 1 roll of 40m wrapper film. Remove the roll attachement from the packaging and start by plugging in and turning the machine on. Secure the attachment to the machine, this allows the roll to be slotted on and stand firmly in place. When using our filler film, ensure the roll is inserted with the green line at the bottom. By looking at the recommended parameters, you can see that the fan needs to be at 16 for filler material. This ensures the correct amount of air is blown into the film. A diagram on the machine shows how to insert the roll correctly. Simply weave the material in between the rollers and place onto the air nozzle. Using the yellow button, feed some material into the machine. The red button begins the process of producing air cushions. When using our wrapper film, ensure the roll is inserted with the green line at the bottom. Looking at the machine, the fan needs to be at 38 when using wrapper film. Insert the film into the air nozzle. The machine is then ready to begin producing air cushions.

Video: Mini Air Easi machine
A demonstration on how to use our Mini Air Pro machine

Our Mini Air Easi machine is very simple and easy to use. It is ideal for small to medium businesses and can be placed on work stations, packing benches and shop counters. The machine can run up to 8m of film per minute, which can be torn at any length for a range of applications. This machine can quickly produce 100% recyclable air cushions that can be used as void, for layering and for protection. The Mini Air Easi can run both dedicated filler and wrapper films.