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  • Mid-level system producing on demand protective air cushions
  • Can be integrated into larger operations with multiple packing benches
  • Ideal for interleaving, block and brace, void fill, cushioning and much more
  • Can run up to 8-18m of film per minute
  • Save space on storage due to compact long length rolls

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Mini Air machine

Used in a wide range of industries our mid-range air machine is suitable for medium and large-sized operations and is compatible with a range of filler and wrapper films, meaning more versatility for businesses. It is faster than our Mini Air Easi machine, as it produces 8-18m of film per minute. Maintaining it is extremely simple and it does not require any belt changes. For spare parts, see our Mini Air parts & accessories page.

The perfect alternative to a range of other void fill options, this machine will increase efficiency within operations and will reduce the amount of materials and space as 1 roll is equivalent to 15 to approx. 10 rolls of large bubble wrap*. Our filler material is ideal for cushioning and void fill and wrapper films are commonly used for corner protection, wrapping, layering and interleaving.

Suitable for between 100 - 400 parcels per machine per day.

The machine is virtually maintenance-free and includes a 12-month return-to-base warranty (warranty does not cover consumable parts such as belts and blades, nor damage caused by misuse of the machine. The machine must be returned to Kite Packaging in Coventry). All machines and films undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure that they meet our high standards. As a result, our machines have a much lower failure rate than equivalent machines in the market.

Full instructions on how to use the Mini Air machine can be found in the easy-to-follow handbook (click to download a PDF version), and our online video demonstrations show you how to do everything from starting up the machine to using air cushions.

Mini Air calculator: Use our comparison tool to see how much you could save

Cushions used in conjunction with the Mini Air machine:

  • Filler cushions - filler cushions are the ideal solution for cushioning and void fill and can be used as a great alternative to loose fill, bubble wrap and many other packaging materials.
  • Wrapper tube film - wrapper tube film is ideal for corner protection, blocking and bracing, layering and also for void fill.
  • Wrapper quilt film - wrapper quilt film is the ideal solution for wrapping, layering and interleaving.
Mini Air Filler 200/100
Filler 200/100
Ideal for small sized voids and layering.
Mini Air Filler 200/150
Filler 200/150
Ideal for medium sized voids.
Mini Air Filler 200/200
Filler 200/200
Ideal for large sized voids.
Mini Air Wrapper Tube Large
Wrapper tube large
Use for void fill and block & brace.
Mini Air Wrapper Tube Small
Wrapper tube small
Ideal for corner protection, blocking & bracing, layering and medium / large sized void fill.
Mini Air Wrapper Quilt Large
Wrapper quilt large
Ideal for wrapping, layering & interleaving.
Mini Air Wrapper Quilt Small
Wrapper quilt small
Ideal for wrapping, layering & interleaving.
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The benefits of air cushions over traditional void fill materials:

  • Cost efficient: 1 roll of Filler Mini Air cushions is equivalent to about 15 bags of loose fill chips or 10 rolls of large bubble wrap (*Comparing filler 200x200mm, 900m cushions to an industry standard 15cu ft bag of loose fill chips and 1500mm x 50m roll of large bubble wrap.)
  • Space-saving: As they are inflated on demand, air bags take up much less storage space than loose fill chips or bubble wrap
  • Presentable: Air bags are less messy than loose fill and are a more presentable way to protect your product
  • Versatile: One machine can be used to produce different types of cushion for void fill, corner protection, wrapping and more.
  • Environmental benefits: Our 200 x 150mm 13mu filler is the perfect addition to those wanting to be more environmentally friendly. It is produced using 35% less plastic without jeopardising quality, price, strength or appearance Not only is it produced using 35% less plastic, there is now also 29% more on the roll, meaning fewer roll changes, less cardboard core waste and fewer shipping movements - with all of these having a positive impact on the environment.

Quality manufacturing & testing

Our machines are manufactured to the highest standards and comply fully with EU EMC & LVD Directive 2006/95/EC. The following standards are noted:

  • EN60335-1:2012 + A11:2014
  • EN60335-2-45:2002 + A1:2008 + A2:2012
  • EN62233:2008
  • EN55014-1:2006 + A1:2009 + A2:2011
  • EN55014-2:1997 + A1:2001 + A2:2008
  • EN61000-3-2:2006 + A1:2009 + A2:2009
  • EN61000-3-3:2013
Video: Setting up the Kite Mini Air machine
Watch how to set up the Mini Air system, including adjusting temperature and air volume settings and loading rolls of air cushion film.

When receiving your Kite Air machine, unpack everything from the box. There is a list within the Mini Air guide detailing what should be included.

Please read the Mini Air guide before using the machine.