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  • Heavy duty long boxes for extra protection in transit
  • 100% recyclable environmentally-friendly corrugated packaging
  • Equipped with lock-in tabs for secure closure
  • Suitable for a range of items including higher cost, heavier products like golf clubs and engineering parts
  • Sizes shown are the internal dimensions: length x width x height

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Long postal boxes

Our long double walled postal boxes are the ideal type of packaging for protecting fragile long items of any weight. There are ten sizes of 100% recyclable boxes to choose from, allowing you to find the right size box to pack your products in. Each box is equipped with lock-in tabs to ensure secure closure. Once folded, the tabs keep the long postal wrap in place and the contents safe and secure whilst they travel to their destination.

Easy to use, you simply fold the box over on itself until the flaps are in line with the slots, once secure follow the number sequence at each end to secure the edges and seal with tape. These boxes can also be teamed with our air cushions, bubble wrap or environmentally friendly speedman paper to block and secure the item, stopping it from rattling inside the carton.

Designed with rigid, corrugated fluting, the boxes can withstand considerable weight and are great for businesses sending out all kinds of items like golf clubs, tripods, curtain poles etc, and even heavier items such as engineering and manufacturing parts. The long postal boxes are produced from eco-friendly material making them a suitable option for those who are trying to minimise their plastic footprint. Each pack is made up of 20 boxes and is delivered flat packed; therefore increasing the number of boxes you can put on a pallet for transit and storage.

Video: Long postal boxes
A demonstration on how to use and construct our long brown postal boxes

Our range of long postal boxes are made from double walled cardboard, ideal for a range of items. Simply wrap and fold the box on itself a few times and secure using the lock-in flaps. Once the main structure of the box is secure, fold in the end flaps by following the printed number sequence and tape. Insert item into the box and repeat process of folding in the ends and taping. The box is now ready to be shipped. Our boxes range from small, medium to extra large to suit a wide variety of applications. To demonstrate how strong our long boxes are, watch someone standing on and applying weight.