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  • Heavy duty brown cardboard boxes
  • Made from double wall cardboard (2 layers of corrugated board)
  • Suitable for heavy items
  • Some sizes are multiscored, allowing you to reduce their height
  • Please note there is a print on some flaps
  • Sizes shown are the internal dimensions: length x width x height

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Why choose double walled cardboard packing boxes?

Double walled cardboard is comprised of a dual layer of corrugated material and is designed to provide twice as much strength and protection as a single walled box. The layers are securely glued together to offer increased resistance against compression forces that are unavoidable when shipping or transporting items. The advanced construction guards against damage so that your parcels arrive in the best condition possible.

What varieties are available?

We offer a diverse range of sizes to cater toward most industries and items that need to be dependably packaged. Our 0201 double walled cardboard packing boxes are one of the most popular types of cardboard cartons for shipping goods via a carrier or postal network. As such, we supply an extensive variety of sizes to satisfy the needs of most businesses.

What are double wall packing boxes used for?

There are near limitless uses for cardboard boxes and the second corrugated layer increases versatility further. The additional strength is well suited to heavier objects that might put a strain on our single walled cartons in addition to companies posting large orders of multiple items. Postal services can safely stack these boxes without crushing any surrounding parcels and the extra protection granted by the double corrugated layers is also ideal for shipping sensitive products. However, if you would deem your products to be extremely heavy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of product experts who are able to recommend a more suitable packaging solution, such as our export and pallet boxes which are designed specifically to accommodate larger projects.

How much weight can a double walled box hold? 

Small to medium-sized double wall boxes have a loading capacity of 18-36kg depending on the size of the box, while the larger sizes can hold between 27-54kg of evenly distributed weight. 

When packing items, it is advisable to distribute the weight of items evenly to prevent any one area if the box being strained. If you are shipping particularly heavy items, you may want to consider reinforcing the box with additional packaging materials, such as our foam protection products, or opting for a stronger box like our extra heavy-duty boxes. 

How much does a double wall cardboard box weigh? 

The weight of a double wall cardboard box can vary depending on several factors, including its size, dimensions, and the thickness of cardboard used in construction. Our smallest size of double wall box weighs 0.0985kg, going up to 3.2kg for the largest size. To view the unit weight of your chosen box, select the ‘more info’ icon in the product table. 

Please note, you will need to account for both the weight of the box and its contents when calculating shipping costs. 

Are the double wall cardboard boxes environmentally friendly?

In addition to cardboard being one of the most widely recycled resources in the UK, Kite’s double walled storage boxes comprise of 60% to 90% recycled content. Therefore, these shipping boxes are integrated into a circular economy intended to greatly reduce the impact your company has on the earth. The heavy-duty design further aids sustainability and the conservation of resources by minimising the chance of breakages that would result in the resending of goods and a more wasteful process.

Can double walled cardboard boxes be bought wholesale?

Kite Packaging offer competitive bulk pricing for customers requiring high volumes of double layered corrugated boxes. Access our user-friendly customer interface or contact our sales team via Live Chat or telephone to learn more about our attractive wholesale offers. 

Video: What type of box do I need?
Compare single wall, double wall, Enviro boxes and extra heavy duty boxes. Discover which is best for your product.

We sell various types of boxes, from standard duty single wall to extra heavy duty.

Single wall boxes are identified by the prefix ‘CSW’.

Heavy duty Enviro-boxes have a clear ‘Enviro’ print on one of the flaps.

Double wall boxes have a code starting ‘CDW’.

Extra heavy duty boxes are labeled XHD on one of the flaps

Our single wall boxes have a single layer of corrugated board. They are our best value option for packing lightweight goods. Enviro-boxes are made from a thicker and more rigid single wall board. These are suitable for slightly heavier goods. Double wall boxes have 2 layers of corrugated board, making them our strongest general-use boxes.

Extra heavy duty boxes are manufactured from extremely strong cardboard and are suitable for very weighty goods.

Video: How to use multiscored boxes
Learn how to adjust the height of multiscored boxes using one of our safety cutters.

Watch a demonstration video on how to adjust the height of multi-score boxes using one of our safety cutters.

Many of our cardboard boxes have multiscore lines that allow the height to be adjusted.

We sell a box cutter that enables this to be done quickly and safely, due to its retractable blade.

Multiscore lines are clearly visible, see table on the product page for their height.

Using the knife, cut down each corner to the height you require.

Insert your items, then fold down the flaps to the new height.

Video: How to measure a product
A demonstration on how to measure your product correctly, and choose the right box.

Step 1:
How big is your product? Standard box dimensions are given in the order length x width x height. Measure the length with a tape measure. Next, measure the width. Measure the height/depth.

Step 2:
Select a box that is slightly larger in all 3 dimensions. This will allow for extra padding to protect your product. You will need the INTERNAL dimensions of the box. Depending on the board grade, this could be up to 10mm less than the external dimensions. To check that your box is the correct size, measure the length, width and height on the INSIDE of the box. All dimensions provided for our boxes are internal.

Step 3:
Wrap your product in a suitable padding material and place inside the box. It should be a snug fit to prevent movement.

Step 4:
Close the box and seal with tape or strapping as required. Consider our custom logo printed tape for a cost-effective branded sealing option.