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  • High quality bubble bags (bubble pouches) for protecting small products
  • Air bubbles cushion and protect delicate goods
  • Peel & seal adhesive strip to secure products
  • Packed in strong outer boxes for easy stacking
  • We also sell anti-static bubble bags
  • All sizes are subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 5%


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Width x Length
Price Per Bag Enter No. Of Bags
16+ Packs
( Full Pallet )
100 x 135 mm
+ 30 mm lip
1000 3.0p 2.6p 2.3p 2.2p Remove 1000 unitsAdd 1000 units
130 x 185 mm
+ 30 mm lip
750 3.7p 3.4p 3.0p 2.8p Remove 750 unitsAdd 750 units
180 x 235 mm
+ 30 mm lip
400 5.3p 4.8p 4.3p 3.9p Remove 400 unitsAdd 400 units
230 x 285 mm
+ 30 mm lip
200 6.9p 6.2p 5.6p 5.1p Remove 200 unitsAdd 200 units
280 x 360 mm
+ 30 mm lip
175 11.0p 9.8p 8.8p 8.0p Remove 175 unitsAdd 175 units
305 x 435 mm
+ 30 mm lip
150 13.4p 12.1p 10.8p 9.8p Remove 150 unitsAdd 150 units
380 x 435 mm
+ 30 mm lip
100 16.5p 14.8p 13.3p 12.1p Remove 100 unitsAdd 100 units

Kite Packaging’s range of clear bubble wrap bags are a great value solution for protecting delicate goods. A wide range of sizes are available, ranging from small to extra-large. The smallest is suitable for a phone or jewellery and the largest will easily accommodate a large folder or framed photo.

The bags are manufactured from tough bubble wrap with an extra layer of film to keep the bubbles inflated longer and maximise padding. The bags are smooth on the inside with bubbles on the outside.

Secure and easy to use, they feature a lip with a peel and seal strip to make the packing operation quicker and to offer the best security for your products.

Please note that the bags can appear with a red coloured peel strip or a blue coloured peel strip. The specification of the bags are the same, the removable strip is the only different feature and this is removed when the bag is sealed.

Bubble Bag Features

  • Range of sizes available to accommodate a variety of products
  • Peel and seal strip for easy closure
  • Lip with a peel and seal strip